Hanna Damskau

I decided I had to become a psychologist the first time I learned about attachment - how close emotional bonds between people shape and affect us throughout life. I believe that much of what people struggle with can both be understood and solved relationally.

I graduated as a psychologist from the University of Bergen in 2018. Since then, I have worked in municipal health services for children and young people, and for several years in Multisystemic Therapy (MST), where I met young people with serious behavioral difficulties, their families and the systems around them. I have delved into difficulties experienced in adolescence, and how to use parental guidance as an entry point to break negative interactions at home. I strongly believe that support from parents, with a balance between care and boundary setting, is crucial in helping young people out of harmful patterns.

In recent years, I have become more interested in close relationships between adults, both in couples, and between adult children and their parents. We need the same things all our lives: someone who has time for us, is genuinely curious about our experience, and who puts up with us no matter what happens. In working with couples and adult children and parents, I work based on Emotion-focused therapy, where the focus is on discovering and breaking dysfunctional patterns, and developing more harmonious bonds.

I will soon finish specializing in family psychology at the Institute for Active Psychotherapy (IAP), and have completed further education in Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy at the Norwegian Center for Emotion-Focused Therapy.

At Psykologvirke, I offer individual therapy, parenting guidance, couples therapy and family therapy. As a psychologist, I am confident, curious and listening, and at the same time clear when it is important to be so. I have a wide toolbox of psychological methods, and am concerned that together we find something that suits you.

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