Øystein Nødtvedt

My name is Øystein O. Nødtvedt and I offer psychotherapy during the day and some evenings. Previously, I worked in the specialist health service, then at the general psychiatric outpatient clinic at Voss DPS and Betanien DPS in Bergen. From there, I have experience working with a number of varied and complex psychological issues. I am a specialist in the therapy field ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) and am doing further training within this method, as well as receiving regular guidance. This is an evidence-based method that has good results on depression, anxiety, personality problems, difficulties with self-esteem and confidence, relationship problems, long-term pain problems, exhaustion and digestive problems, etc. With this approach, we want to jointly explore the root causes that drive the symptoms with great emphasis on individual adaptation , respectful feedback, security and efficiency. The goals are increased freedom and autonomy, increased insight into one's own relational and emotional patterns, clearer contact with one's own feelings and needs, increased access to one's own resources such as self-care, faith in one's own competence and security in close relationships.

I am committed to creating a safe and supportive space where you can explore your challenges and goals with understanding and acceptance. The treatment is adapted to your needs, goals, background and preferences. No one is the same, and therefore no course of therapy will be the same. We work together to find the way of working that suits you. I am keen to grow and learn as a therapist, and am therefore keen on open dialogue and feedback on how you experience the therapy.

Other topics I am interested in are existential approaches to psychotherapy, as well as Eastern wisdom traditions such as mindfulness and meditation. In addition, I use therapeutic elements from metacognitive therapy and emotion-focused therapy where this can be useful and appropriate. I am also involved in the new venture to explore new ways of working in therapy with the help of psychedelics such as MDMA, Ketamine and Psilocybin. I have a secondary position in MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) where I have been involved in quality assurance of videos of therapy sessions using MDMA for PTSD at Sykehuset Østfold. If you are curious about this topic, I recommend watching Psykologvirke's own interview with the trauma researcher Bessel van der Kolk, which you can find on the website. In addition, I have experience of following clients who have undergone psychotherapy with me in parallel with Ketamine treatment at, for example, the Axon clinic. I have also participated in Europe's first education program for MDMA-assisted therapy (MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education Program - MAPS) in Iceland in 2023. In addition, I have experience with clients who have wanted to integrate and process psychedelic experiences they themselves have had privately in the conversations.

I took my degree in psychology (Cand.Psychol.) at the University of Bergen and graduated in 2018. During my studies, I worked in the psychiatric emergency department at Sandviken Hospital in Bergen, and researched sleep and sleep disorders alongside my studies. In the main thesis, I carried out a qualitative study of patients' experiences of the therapeutic relationship in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). I am originally from Fyllingsdalen in Bergen. In addition to work, I am concerned with, among other things, meditation and philosophy - especially questions related to metaphysics and consciousness. I also play football and do music. Through this I know the power music can have as a tool for self-expression, presence, creativity and healing.

You are welcome to contact me by email if you have any questions about me or how I work.

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