Per Gudmundson

I am very happy with my job as a psychologist. It is an absolute pleasure to meet both new and familiar people every day. It is meaningful to provide support, relief and create change and improvement when others are in pain and difficulty. I have great faith in therapy and have great ambitions for the treatment.

It is important to continuously seek knowledge and develop as a professional. In recent years, I have been inspired by the American psychologist Diana Fosha (Ph.d), who has developed the treatment form Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). Fosha writes: "We try to help out patients and ourselves become stronger at the broken places. By working with trauma, loss, and painful consequences, we discover places that have always been strong, places that were never broken.” The treatment is about parallel emphasis on strength, resilience and growth and psychological pain and dysfunctional survival strategies. In this way, the treatment will aim to strengthen a way of being that is as authentic as possible in dealing with oneself and others. And, provide a basis for a rapid healing based on the activation of own available resources.

However, not all treatment needs this psychodynamic approach. Often, shorter and more focused tackling of current crises or life situations will be what is needed. Over many years as a therapist, I have developed a good ability to quickly assess what is needed and when.

Regardless of the approach and length of treatment, I will meet you as a fellow human being with interest, respect and humility.

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