PACT Couple therapy is offered by an experienced couple therapist

Couples therapist and psychologist Inga Gentile of Psykologvirke has expertise in what is called a psychobiological approach to couple therapy (PACT).

She is an international course and lecturer in this form of couples therapy, which is based on recognized research in attachment theory, neuroscience and biology.

From the spring of 2020, Psykologvirke will be the first in Norway to offer such a form of couples therapy in Oslo.

Below you can read briefly about what characterizes PACT couple therapy to give you a certain sense of what this entails. You can read about how we more generally post a couples therapy here.

How does the PACT partner therapist work?

The experience of a PACT session may differ slightly from other types of couples therapy. Key elements in this approach are:

  • In the therapy room, the partner therapist will help you recreate experiences that typically become difficult, so you can be helped "live" instead of just "talking about" past and future.
  • The partner therapist will help you micro-analyze the automation that happens in each of you and in the interaction that contributes to the difficulties.
  • From moment to moment, your partner therapist will help you focus on automated bodily reactions, the way these are handled and affect you in the interaction.
  • In PACT, it is recognized that longer sessions are often needed to be able to work in depth and are offered with us as more intensified courses with three-hour blocks.
  • The therapist can also ask to record the sessions on video in order to provide immediate and more precise feedback.

What is the PACT couple therapist's work based on?

PACT stands for Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy and, as mentioned, is based on research in attachment theory, neuroscience and biology.

Attachment theory is about how early close relationships create a type of "blueprint" for later close relationships.

Neuroscience is, among other things, about how the brain structures that control memory, personality and emotions develop from genetics but also relational experiences.

From biology we learn about the stress-response system and how physiological activation from here affects us and is handled with the intention of relaxing / calming down vs. activate / engage.

Focusing on these three areas provides a dynamic way to build on the strengths of the relationship as well as to address challenges that may block the ability to create safe, close and robust relationships. 

PACT is particularly useful for couples who are considering taking steps towards marriage / cohabitation and couples at risk of divorce or dissolution.

For more information about the method, visit here The PACT Institute.

Book an appointment for PACT or another couples therapist?

It is difficult to know in advance which couple therapist to choose and which method will work best.

It's just a way to find out, to test a collaboration. If you are interested in PACT, you will see if Inga Gentile has free time that can fit.

We recommend the three-hour session as a first-time consultation. If you do not find a suitable time, you only order regular couples therapy from the person who has suitable free time and we will take it from there.

You can quickly and easily, in two minutes, order couples therapy here.

All the best and good luck. We would love to hear from you.

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