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Couples Therapy

By choosing one of our couples therapists, the relationship is in safe hands. We have national and international course instructors on staff, a lively and active professional environment, weekly guidance meetings and extensive experience. In couples therapy with us, we work together systematically to see and change the mechanisms that have gotten in your way.  The pattern is usually the monster. By breaking this, we hope to be able to give you more closeness, laughter, harmony, intimacy and joy. Or at the very least a neat clarification. 

 Clarification – Advice

Some couples come to us because they don't know if they want to continue in the relationship. They struggle with a lot of doubt and have difficulty deciding whether they want to try to work towards a better relationship or whether they should rather end the relationship. These couples need an offer that takes their ambivalence seriously, and makes room for the parties in this process to have different needs for help. Clarification counseling aims to help couples make a good decision - whether it consists of a joint future or a breakup.

Family therapy

At our couple & family department, we work with relationships in all forms. Alongside couple therapy, we can also offer talks for other family problems such as new family problems, stuck relationships between parents and adult children, unfortunate family dynamics, help for families in the process of breaking up, inheritance conflict and most other things. We have expertise in breaking with destructive patterns that have been passed down through generations. 

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Psykologvirke has specialist expertise in counseling within both emotion-focused couple therapy and general family psychology. We offer guidance to psychologists in specialization as well as therapists who take further training in emotion-focused couple therapy and clarification counselling. We offer guidance to public and private institutions that treat couples and families.


We offer cohabitation courses for couples as well as teaching/education in couple therapy and clarification counseling for professionals. We offer professional days and lectures with course leaders who teach nationally and internationally. In addition, we are connected to an international network of experts in emotion-focused couples therapy who we use as guest lecturers. 

The psychologists at the Department of Couples Therapy

Dimitrij Samoilow


Dimitrij offers individual and couples therapy during the day. He is the author of specialist books and a national and international expert on emotion-focused couple therapy. He is also a well-known specialist broadcaster and appears on NRK, among other things.

Stine Morris Haslund

PSYCHOLOGIST & Couples therapist

Stine offers therapy to couples, individuals and families. Stine has more than 20 years' experience as a psychologist and is a specialist in couple therapy. She is certified in emotion-focused couple therapy and is deputy director of the Norwegian Center for Emotion-Focused Therapy.

Regine N. Larsen

PSYCHOLOGIST & Couple therapist

Regine offers therapy to individuals, couples and families. Regine has many years of experience from family protection, further education in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) and special expertise in couple therapy. She has extensive experience of working with couples, including couples where there is great doubt about the future of the relationship.

Anniken Lervik Sørengen

PSYCHOLOGIST & Couple therapist

Anniken offers couples therapy during the day. She has many years of experience from family protection and child and youth psychiatry, Anniken has soon completed a five-year further education and will then become a psychologist specialist in family psychology.

Kristin Aspelund


Kristin offers individual therapy and cohabitation therapy. She has long-term specialization in couple and family therapy. She has further training in emotion-focused couple therapy and intensive depth therapy, ISTDP.

Julie Barrie


Julie has extensive experience in helping people with couple problems, and has previously worked at a family welfare office, in specialist and municipal health services with couples, families and children. She is well acquainted with most issues such as infidelity/betrayal, intimacy/sexuality, jealousy, anger, loss of closeness, communication challenges etc.

Hanna Damskau

PSYCHOLOGIST & Family therapist

Hanna has over 4 years' experience of systemic work with families and couples. She offers therapy and guidance to couples and families. In addition, she offers individual therapy for young people. For now, she only has evening hours, but works during the day from April/May.

Department for couple therapy & family therapy

At Psykologvirke, we have brought together some of Norway's leading couple therapists, who offer therapy, teaching and guidance. We also have a collaboration with Modum Bad and are involved in ongoing couple research.

We have specialist expertise in, among other things, emotion-focused couple therapy, which is one of the couple therapy models with the most support in research. It is suitable for couples who want to break out of negative interactions and regain closeness and trust in their relationship.

When couples are in doubt as to whether they should continue in a relationship, we have our own professionally recognized offer that will help couples clarify the way forward: Discernment counseling is a counseling model developed by the American cohabitation expert Bill Doherty.

Our therapists teach both emotion-focused therapy and clarification counseling nationally and internationally, and are linked to leading environments within the couple therapy field - both in terms of treatment and research. We have a high level of competence in providing guidance to professionals who work with couples and families.

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