About the Trauma Center

At the Trauma Center, we are building a competence center for trauma psychology. This includes patient care in line with the latest wave of effective and recognized methods, teaching and guidance of other health professionals as well as courses and conferences.

We also conduct information work on how both everyday problems and societal lines of conflict can reflect an underlying and often hidden trauma problem.

We believe that a deeper cultural understanding of trauma psychology could be crucial for public health and for future generations.


The initiative was taken because we see that more and more patients with trauma experiences report that they are left in long queues or have their applications for treatment in the public sector rejected.

There is an urgent need for specialized trauma treatment services. Both clients, GPs and other referrers are desperate that the help offered is often too limited in time or not available.

The trauma center is currently a full-private offer. Clients must therefore pay for the treatment themselves or via health insurance. We are working to establish agreements with the public sector so that the treatment will eventually be available to even more people.


Affiliated with the trauma center, we have hand-picked and experienced psychologists who have cutting-edge expertise in the treatment of psychological trauma.

We experience that unprocessed trauma is often the basis for various forms of mental illness and diagnoses. Being inflicted with wounds naturally leads to self-protection. When the wound is not healed, it continues to ache, especially when something stings. The natural self-protection can become overprotection.

Together, many of the ailments in everyday life are explained by the fact that you protect yourself against, or come across old wounds. Often you are not fully aware of this dynamic yourself.

Since it is not always easy to know what is the cause of various symptoms and disabilities you may experience, we have made a list of symptoms that recur in people with unprocessed trauma that you can read about on our pages.

Who are we suitable for?

Our clients do not have to meet the criteria for PTSD or complex PTSD to seek treatment with us. If you have experienced overwhelming or stressful events, where you are left with symptoms that make it difficult to function and unfold life, then we are the right place for you.

We are interested in each person's life and history as a whole and we tailor the treatment based on both your resources and challenges. You can read more about different treatment methods we offer here on our website.

You do not need a referral and can get quick help. You can get to know each psychologist a little better via our website and book an hour via online booking.

The trauma center is located in Nedre vollgate 1 in the middle of central Oslo. The offices are located in open and beautiful surroundings: 5th floor with a view of the sea and Akershus fortress. It is a short way to both the train station, metro, tram and bus. See maps and directions.