Therapy for a Broken Heart with a Psychologist

On this page you can learn more about broken hearts and ways to work through them and heal. You will also get an idea of what it would be like to partake in therapy with psychologists at Psykologvirke.

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Psychological help in Oslo for a broken heart

When you schedule an appointment with us you will be met with professional male or female psychologists.

The waiting times are short so you can quickly get started, before you get further stuck in a pattern of being brokenhearted.

We will briefly discuss what you can expect from therapy for a broken heart with Psykologvirke.

We have expressed our thoughts concerning broken hearts in Dagbladet Pluss , in an article offering several different perspectives.

Treatment for a broken heart - why do we react so strongly?

There is nothing that matters more to human beings than our attachments to others. The only thing more painful than the breakdown of a close relationship might be when your former significant other begins dating someone new and jealousy also comes into play.

Nothing stirs up greater or more conflicting emotions in us than attachment relationships.

A broken heart can be experienced in a vast number of ways. When one considers seeking therapy for treatment of a broken heart, it is often because one needs help in an acute phase, when the grief seems overwhelming, when the pain does not diminish with time and it is difficult to move on.

In other cases, there can be difficulties with resolving latent grief, and perhaps you have become distanced, numb or simply depressed. You may also have developed symptoms of anxiety.

When you seek out psychological help with us for a broken heart, we begin by mapping your experience to gain a more precise understanding of what the loss consists of and what conditions are making processing difficult. 

Then we can get a better idea about how we should set up your therapy, in order to give you the best possible, individualized treatment for a broken heart.

Often, support sessions where one can sort through thoughts and feelings with the aid of an objective professional can be enough.

Help for a broken heart with a psychologist

In other cases, there can be more specific mechanisms that have formed as a block in your system. This can include unresolved emotional conflicts, which are often partially or completely unconscious.

The loss of an attachment figure can be traumatic in itself. It can also stir up many unprocessed and conflicting emotions from early attachment experiences with both prior partners and early caregivers.

Early attachment experiences also form the foundation for our habitual ways of viewing ourselves, interacting with ourselves and how we relate to difficult emotions. 

Conditions such as these can, in many cases, help explain why someone can get stuck and need therapy for a broken heart - and how they can move on.

Therapy for a broken heart - a possibility for growth?

Since a broken heart can bring up so many central organizing experiences within the psyche, it presents a golden opportunity to process and resolve internal relationships that contribute to insecurity and low self-esteem etc.

Thus, such crises can also present a possibility for growth.

The determining factors for successful treatment of a broken heart are that together we manage to create a shared understanding of what lies at the center of your issues - and that we work in a manner that is meaningful for you.

Our expert assessments will form a starting point, and then together we will monitor progress and the need for any potential adjustments.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health. We are a dedicated team who bring the best of psychological expertise in our work with our clients.

If you do not have the possibility of going to a private psychologist, you can get an overview of psychological services available in Oslo here.

You can also read more about the rationale behind seeking treatment for a broken heart in this article in Aftenposten.

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