Psychological Help for a Divorce / Breakup / Relationship Dissolution

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We have years of experience with both individual and couples therapy for those in danger of divorce or breakup - before, during or after an eventual dissolution has become fact.

Also remember that we offer video therapy to people from all over the country.

Therapy for divorce or breakup - with a private psychologist in Oslo

If you want couples therapy in the event of a (possible) break-up, you can read about it couples therapy by clicking here. In the following, you can read briefly about what you can expect if you visit us alone in connection with, or in the aftermath of, a break-up.

If you have already decided to give it a try, you can quickly and easily schedule an appointment online.

Psychological help for divorce or breakup - why do some need professional assistance?

There is nothing that matters more to human beings than our attachments to others. The only thing more painful than the breakdown of a close relationship might be when your former significant other begins dating someone new and jealousy also comes into play.

Nothing stirs up greater or more conflicting emotions in us than attachment relations. It can be a very demanding landscape to navigate.

Reactions in connection to the breakdown of a romantic relationship vary greatly.

When you consider psychological help for divorce or breakup, it is often because you need help during an acute phase where difficult emotions seem overwhelming or persist over time, making it hard to move on.

It can also be connected to conflicts and practical challenges that end in a number of emotionally stressful dilemmas.

Some conditions have been destructive and you are left dazed and injured by the battlefield. In some cases, it is pure love grief, in which case you can read more about therapy for a broken heart here.

In still other cases, you struggle to figure out where you should go and what you should become. If you are struggling with a guilty conscience in connection with a divorce or breakup, you can get advice for coping with a guilty conscience here.

Psychological therapy for divorce - mapping of specific mechanisms

When you seek psychological help for divorce or breakup, we begin by mapping specific mechanisms to achieve a better understanding of what the dissolution represents to you as well as the specific external, and not least, internal conditions that are making processing difficult.  

Then we will know more about how we can form a course of therapy that will give you the best psychological treatment for divorce or breakup in precisely your case.

Often, support sessions where one can sort through thoughts and feelings with the aid of an objective professional can be enough.

Psychological help for divorce and breakups

In other cases, there may be more specific mechanisms that are blocking the system. This can involve unresolved emotional conflicts, often completely or partially unconscious, that need a depth orientated approach.

The ending of a relationship with an attachment figure can be traumatic in itself. It can also stir up many unprocessed and conflicting emotions from early attachment experiences and prior partners, as well as primary caregivers .

Early attachment experiences also form the foundation for our habitual ways of viewing ourselves, interacting with ourselves and how we relate to difficult emotions. 

Such conditions can, in many cases, contribute to explaining why some people can get “stuck” and need therapy for relationship dissolution in order to move on.

If you do not have the possibility of going to a private psychologist, you can read more here concerning recommended ways to find a psychologist in Oslo.

Psychological help for divorce or breakup can bring opportunities for growth

Because relationship dissolution can stir up so many key organizing experiences in the psyche, it presents a golden opportunity to process and resolve internal dynamics that are contributing to insecurity and low self-esteem etc.

Thus, such crises can also present a possibility for growth.

The deciding factors for a successful treatment are that together we manage to form a clear understanding of what is at the root of your precise difficulties - and that we work in a way that is meaningful to you.

Our expert assessments will form a starting point, and then together we will monitor progress and the need for any potential adjustments.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health. We are a dedicated team who bring the best of psychological expertise in our work with our clients.

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