Treatment for Jealousy with a Psychologist

In this article you can learn about common mechanisms that lay at the root of issues relating to jealousy, learn about how jealousy is treated at Psykologvirke and easily schedule an appointment online.

Our psychologists have specialized expertise in the treatment of jealousy. We have many years of continued education and training and offer focused and goal-orientated therapy sessions.

We offer treatment for pathological jealousy from our offices, located in downtown Oslo, or via a secure video solution available to people across the country.

Treatment for jealousy with a private psychologist in Oslo

If you contact us, you will be able to schedule an appointment with a male or female psychologist of your own choosing. Waiting times are short, so you can quickly get started before jealousy manages to take even more from you.

Our psychologists have many years of experience in the treatment of jealousy. We will briefly summarize what you can expect when you contact us for treatment of jealousy.

Treatment for jealousy - mapping the specific mechanisms

When you seek out psychological help for jealousy with us, we begin by mapping the specific mechanisms that are the driving force behind your specific issues.

We separate between basic foundational factors, triggering factors and sustaining factors.

Once we have mapped these factors, we will know more about what is needed to give you the best treatment for jealousy in exactly your situation and how we should tailor your therapy.  

Simply becoming conscious of the inner dynamics that are propelling your jealousy is often therapeutic in itself.

Common reasons for excessive jealousy

Excessive jealousy is often a sign of inner conflicts that are creating anxiety. Often these conflicts are rooted in early attachment experiences.

When difficult feelings related to actual past experiences have not been processed, these feelings can be projected into present and hypothetical future scenarios.

When these old experiences are processed, self-esteem is often improved and can develop more freely, allowing you to enter into relationships with others in a more secure manner.

One is seldom conscious of these underlying dynamics. At Psykologvirke we are experts on methods that can help make the unconscious conscious.

Therapy for excessive jealousy - different methods

There are various methods for the treatment of jealousy. For example, intensive depth therapy (ISTDP), metacognitive therapy, cognitive therapy or psychodynamic therapy. You can read more about these here.

No method is right for everyone, all the time. The primary factor in the successful treatment of jealousy is that we collaborate in a way that is meaningful for you.

In certain cases, couple therapy for issues with jealousy, in addition to individual therapy, can be relevant.

Our professional assessments will form a starting point, and then together we will evaluate the ongoing progress as well as any need for potential adjustments.

Therapy for jealousy at Psykologvirke - safety and challenge

We place great value on creating a foundation of trust and safety and of being open and forthright about what we are thinking and doing at any given moment.

Working within this kind of framework allows one to best establish new ways to meet the need and emotional conflicts that, on one level or another, often lay at the center of the development of excessive jealousy.

Does seeking treatment for jealousy help?

Many people who seek psychological help for jealousy experience it as useful. We work using a combination of treatment methods that can make both freedom from jealousy, as well as personal development, possible.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health. We are a dedicated team who bring the best of psychological expertise in our work with our clients.

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