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Psykologvirke has specialized competence in the treatment of all types of anxiety. Our staff of experienced professionals are available in downtown Oslo for day and evening appointments. We also offer online video therapy to people across the country.

Our psychologists have many years of further education and offer targeted therapy sessions that can help you in an effective manner.

Waiting times are short so you can quickly get started. This is a brief overview of what you can expect if you contact us for the treatment of anxiety.

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Remember that we also offer online video therapy to people across the country. You can watch a video where we share our experiences with video therapy if you click the schedule an appointment button above.

Treatment of anxiety: Mapping of specific mechanisms

When you seek psychological help for anxiety from us, we start by mapping which specific mechanisms drive your particular anxiety.

We separate between basic foundational factors, triggering factors and sustaining factors.

Once we have mapped these factors, we know more about what is needed for the best treatment for anxiety in your particular case and how we can set up a therapy.  

Simply becoming conscious of the inner dynamics that are driving your anxiety is often therapeutic in itself.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is built into us to trigger an avoidance reflex. When it's a tiger that scares us, we run away. When there is something inside us that we are afraid of, we have many a series of avoidance responses - which we like to call defense mechanisms. However, when it is an internal threat we fear, it is difficult to get away.  

“You can run but you can't hide.”

Anxiety is indicative of one form or another of internal imbalance – but it can be difficult to home in on what specifically is happening

Few people see anxiety as a signal of imbalance, and then do not search constructively inwards to find out.

It is common for people to get caught up in the symptom of anxiety, to have anxiety about getting anxiety, to try to control it and/or to try and avoid it when it is triggered or becomes visible to others.

Normally this results in a self-sustaining and self-reinforcing cycle. Thinking about anxiety and attempting to master your anxiety creates more anxiety.

Various methods for treatment of anxiety

There are various recommended methods for treatment of anxiety. Some of them focus on sustaining factors.  

Examples of such methods are cognitive behavior therapy and metacognitive therapy. Other methods aim to understand and work through primary anxiety-driven emotional conflicts, which are often unconscious.

Examples of such methods are psychodynamic therapy and its intensified form, ISTDP .

There is no single method that always helps everyone to the same degree. The deciding factor for successful therapeutic treatment of anxiety is that we work in a way that is meaningful to you.

Our professional assessments will form a starting point, and then we evaluate continuously.

Challenges and safety

We place great value on creating a foundation of trust and safety and of being open and forthright about what we are thinking and doing at any given moment.

Working within this kind of framework allows you to best find new ways of dealing with anxiety and not least of all to tolerate the conflicts that relate to emotions and needs that often create the basis for the formation of an anxiety disorder

Does treatment for anxiety help?

The prognosis for treating anxiety is relatively good. Sometimes you can get an immediate boost, other processes work according to the stone-on-stone principle.

We work with a combination of methods and approaches and thus address both the sustaining and more basic factors.

This gives the potential for substantial life changes once we have developed a good patient-therapist cooperation. 

You can read more about how we view the development of psychological difficulties and how therapy can help.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health. We commit ourselves to bringing the best of ourselves and the best of our psychological expertise to helping people on their way. You are more than welcome here.

Click the button below if you want to give therapy a try. Remember that we are here to help you. What motivates us is the knowledge of just what therapy can do for you and everyone around you.

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