EMDR - Therapy and treatment of trauma by a psychologist

treatment of trauma by a psychologist

Many people have experienced trauma that affects their lives for a long time, fortunately there is effective treatment for trauma with various forms of therapy such as EMDR or ISTDP with a psychologist. Here you can learn more about trauma and get the help you need. 

If you apply trauma treatment can we help you. We have specialist expertise and extensive experience in the treatment of trauma. We offer therapy from our beautiful premises in the center of Oslo or via a secure video solution to people throughout the country.

In this article, we will explain how we approach and treat trauma. You will get an impression of our psychologists and can easily schedule an appointment.

If you have already decided to give it a try, you can read more about our psychologists and schedule an appointment via our online booking system in two minutes.

What is trauma?

One trauma is a prolonged or delayed reaction to an overwhelming event or situation, which has led to psychological damage or distress. Trauma comes in many versions. They can be of a catastrophic nature or more subtle and relationally conditioned. What they have in common is that the experiences leave lasting life-limiting traces in our organism.

It can be sensory impressions or emotions that are overwhelming and activate strong anxiety. Sometimes there will be defenses in the form of automatic mental distancing. The experiences are stored in the body and can be triggered or re-activated by small things in daily life that are reminiscent of the traumatic experience.

Often, the triggers are conscious (a loud sound), but they can also be unconscious (a voice, a look, an internal feeling). These are things that are likely to pop up during treatment for trauma.

Below you can see a video that goes more into what trauma and trauma treatment is. 

Symptoms of trauma

Typical ailments after experiencing traumatic events involve: 

  • Anxiety reaction and / or restlessness 
  • Feeling of helplessness 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Physical reactions such as headache, dizziness or nausea 
  • Concentration and / or memory difficulties 
  • Re-experiencing trauma through nightmares or flashbacks 
  • Distance 
  • Depression, guilt and shame 
  • Irritation and / or anger 

Trauma treatment

There are various recommended methods for treating trauma, among others EMDR and ISTDP. What they have in common is that they contain methods for gradual exposure to the traumatic material within the tolerance window of the client. It provides a gradual adaptation to the body sensations involved, which the memories, sensory impressions or feelings provide. This leads to an extinguishing of the body's automated anxiety response. When the anxiety goes down, you don't need avoidance either.

Another effective mechanism in the treatment of trauma is that you are able to understand it in a new way. The things that haunt us often crumble in the light of day.

Treatment with EMDR and ISTDP

At Psykologvirke, we have specialist expertise in methods such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and  intensive depth therapy (ISTDP). 

Through EMDR therapy, various elements from treatments such as cognitive therapy and relaxation exercises are combined with a goal of reducing the degree of overwhelming stress. In this way, one can relate to memories without being put out. After the psychologist has gained a better understanding of the traumas, the processing phase will begin. Eye movements or other forms of stimulation with sound, light or touch are used here. How effective such treatment will be varies from person to person. Some may experience minor trauma symptoms after only one to six hours of therapy. EMDR can also be used as part of a longer trauma treatment. 

The essential for a successful trauma treatment is that we manage to establish a precise focus and that we work in the upper part of the tolerance window you may have. This means that you should neither be overwhelmed by over-activation nor drag out the process by being under-activated.  

We have great experience in navigating this terrain, so we can achieve a safe and effective treatment for trauma.

Treatment for trauma in a safe environment

We place great value on creating a foundation of trust and safety and of being open and forthright about what we are thinking and doing at any given moment - regardless of if treatment is based on EMDR or other principles.

Within such a framework, one can best tolerate facing the anxiety and often (irrational) shame and guilt which is often associated with traumatic experiences.

Here you can read how we think psychotherapy can help - and how trauma treatment permeates our thinking.

Treatment of trauma by a psychologist: Is it useful?

As a rule of thumb, the prognosis for treating trauma is good. But trauma can be so much, so it's hard to say anything in general. We will start with a thorough survey that also makes it easier to assess the prognosis and treatment length somewhat better.

With us, you go straight to an experienced male or female psychologist for trauma treatment. The waiting time is short so you get started quickly, before the traumatic experiences have time to affect you more.

Our psychologists have a high level of expertise in recommended methods for treating trauma, whether it is complex trauma, relational trauma, trauma from childhood or later isolated traumatic experiences.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health. We are a dedicated team who bring the best of psychological expertise in our work with our clients.

If you do not have health insurance and cannot afford to pay for trauma therapy yourself, we have created a simple guide to psychologists in Oslo.  

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