Treatment for Burnout with a Psychologist in Oslo - When you Hit the Wall

In this article you can learn more about burnout and what you can expect when you contact us for therapy for burnout - when you have hit, or are about to hit, the infamous wall.

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Our psychologists have high expertise in various methods of treatment for burnout.

Treatment for burnout with a psychologist - mapping of the mechanisms

The ways into a condition such as burnout are numerous and often complex. Hitting the wall is no joke.

One can view it as the body's method of helping us to come to a full stop when we can't quite give ourselves the rest that we need.

Sometimes it is simply that life happens to hit us with many simultaneous punches and it becomes too much for any one individual alone.

Often it is, on the contrary, inner stressors and repressed stress that is responsible. These internal aspects alone can be exhausting in themselves.

In addition, they can also drive us to constantly organize our lives in a stressful manner.

Why do we hit the wall when experiencing burnout?

This can involve higher, internal demands and expectations or difficulties with setting boundaries and saying “no”. Compulsive pursuit of achievement, self-destructive thought patterns and/or difficulties with asking for and receiving help can also come into play. Also, phobic relations to one’s own shortcomings or need for help, a chronically bad conscience -the the list goes on.

When you seek psychological help for burnout with us, we begin by mapping the specific mechanisms that are the driving force behind exactly your issues.

Both external and internal relationships and the interaction between them. Then we will understand more about what is needed for you.

Often, these mechanisms are completely or partially unconscious. In such cases, simply becoming aware of these mechanisms can in itself be helpful.

Other times you might know full well what leads to exhaustion but still not know what is making setting limits so difficult.

Therapy for burnout with Psykologvirke - various methods

There are principles from various methods that can be drawn upon for the treatment of burnout. No single method helps everyone equally as well, all the time.

The determining factors for the successful treatment of burnout are that we work together to gain a precise understanding of your distinct inner dynamics - and that we work in a manner that is meaningful to you.

Our professional assessments will form a starting point, and then together we will evaluate the ongoing progress as well as any need for potential adjustments.

You can read more extensively about how we believe therapy with a psychologist can help here.

Treatment for burnout with Psykologvirke - safety and challenge

We place great value on creating a foundation of trust and safety and of being open and forthright about what we are thinking and doing at any given moment.

Within such a framework you can best increase your tolerance threshold in order to challenge the anxiety that is often connected with stepping out of the conscious and unconscious patterns that can be at the root of burnout.

Treatment with a psychologist when you hit the wall - does it help?

The majority of people who are in therapy for burnout with a psychologist experience it as helpful.

We are committed to not only helping you avoid exhaustion, but also in helping you overcome other oppressive and life-limiting internal forces.

This is how you can freely grow without cemented inner dictates about who you should be - and live a balanced life.

You can read more in general about how we approach clicking here.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health. We are a dedicated team who bring the best of psychological expertise in our work with our clients.

We have spoken in the media about burnout. To read more about what burnout and is the depth perspective that can be the basis for burnout: in an article concerning burnout by Tove Kjersti Kjølseth, in the Tidsskrift for Norsk Legeforening.

If you do not have the possibility of paying for a private psychologist and are not covered by health insurance either personally or via an employer, you can learn about other options in our guide to psychologists in Oslo..

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