Stress Management -Treatment for Stress with a Psychologist in Oslo

Stress is a problem that affects us all. There are massive amounts of advice for stress management, but it isn't always easy to make changes on your own.

You can quickly get help from experienced psychologists by clicking here for simple online booking. In this article you can learn more about how we treat stress-related ailments.

You will also learn some concrete tips for stress management.

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Her you can check your stress level, and check if you can benefit from stress therapy.

Psychological help for stress management

You can easily schedule psychological help for stress management here. You will be met by an experienced male or female clinical psychologist.

Waiting times are short so you can quickly get started, before stress overwhelms you or leads to burnout.

Our psychologists have high levels of expertise in recommended methods for the treatment of stress.

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We will briefly outline what you can expect if you contact us for treatment for stress. After that, you can learn more about various strategies of stress management.

In this way you can also help yourself.

Treatment of stress with a psychologist - various mechanisms

When you seek psychological help for stress with Psykologvirke, we begin by mapping which specific mechanisms are the driving force behind your specific difficulties.

We separate between basic foundational factors, triggering factors and sustaining factors.

Once we have mapped these factors, we will know more about what is needed to give the best treatment for stress in your specific case and how the treatment will be structured.

Simply becoming conscious of the inner dynamics that are driving your stress is often therapeutic in itself.

Therapy for stress and stress management - various methods

There are various recommended methods for treating stress. For example, mindfulness, biofeedback training, intensive short-term depth therapy (ISTDP), emotion-focused therapy, metacognitive therapy, cognitive therapy and psychodynamic therapy.

There is no one method that is right for everyone all the time. The determining factor for a successful treatment for stress issues is that we collaborate in a way that is meaningful for you.

Our professional assessments will form a starting point, and then together we will evaluate the ongoing progress as well as any need for potential adjustments.

We always offer individual tailoring in the treatment of stress.

Challenges and safety

We place great value on creating a foundation of trust and safety and of being open and forthright about what we are thinking and doing at any given moment.

Within such a framework you can best practice new ways to handle the anxiety that, on some level, is connected to breaking patterns of stress, and step freely back into life with a greater sense of calm.

Stress management on your own

There are a number of exercises and methods for individual stress management.

Examples of these include mindfulness exercises, relaxation exercises, breathing exercises etc.

Another aspect of stress management involves limiting your cumulative amount of stress. This can be demanding. At times this can be due to purely practical reasons, and frankly, often for psychological reasons as well.

Another aspect of managing your own stress involves working with inner stressors. External stressors are not always the main problem.

Part of the challenge can actually be in how one psychologically reacts when met with stressors.

An important first step to being able to regulate your stress levels is to be aware that you are actually stressed in the first place. The ability to objectively observe oneself is crucial.

Once you can actually register within your body that you are stressed, it becomes possible to regulate via tools such as breathing, relaxation and attentional control.

Far too many of us ignore our internal lives to such an extent that we are unable to utilize these techniques when we actually need them.

Treatment for stress with Psykologvirke in Oslo

In therapy with Psykologvirke, we will work with changing the way you relate to yourself on a deeper level.

This kind of work holds a completely different potential to actually help you in ways that exceed the impact of various theoretical stress regulation techniques alone.

Treatment for stress - does it help?

The majority of those who seek professional help for stress problems experience it as useful. 

We work with a combination treatment that offers the potential for freedom from symptoms, as well as personal development.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health.

We bring our entire selves and the best of psychological expertise to help you on your way.

You can easily schedule treatment for stress via our online booking system.

More about the importance of treating stress.

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