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About Psykologvirke - Private psychologist in the center of Oslo

Psykologvirke offers psychological support for all issues and circumstances; from self-development to in-depth therapy for individuals, couples and businesses. 

We adapt the treatment to your unique personality and your needs, and work focused so that you get good results. We have extensive experience and a high degree of specialization in talk therapy and couple therapy.

Jonas Sharma-Bakkevig

Psychologist specialist

Jonas is a psychologist specialist and general manager of Psykologvirke. He offers therapy for most clinical issues.

Hilde W. Goksøyr


Hilde is an entrepreneur and psychologist specialist with many years of experience. She looks deeply and is an expert in intensive psychodynamic therapy (ISTDP).

Dimitrij Samoilow


Dimitrij offers individual- and couples therapy. He is a writer and national expert in emotion focused couples therapy.

Ivar W. Goksøyr


Ivar is one of the founders of Psykologvirke. He is a specialist in clinical psychology and works primarily with clients with longstanding and complex difficulties. He is a researcher within the field of psychedelic medicine.

Per Gudmundson


Per has tens of thousands of therapy hours behind him and has particular expertise in relationship difficulties and sick leave issues.

Anders Gamstøbakk


Anders works during the day and specializes in therapeutic work with adults, and the depth psychological treatment methods ISTDP and IFS.

Hanna Damskau


Hanna has extensive experience from systemic work with families and couples. She offers therapy and guidance to couples and families/parents. In addition, she offers individual therapy for young people.

Christian Skeie


Christian is a specialist in clinical psychology, an expert in psychotherapy with adults and is specialized in intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy.

Maja Wilhelmina Dragland


Psychological specialist with long and broad experience from the specialist healthcare service and private practice, and has, among other things, education in ISTDP and EMDR.

Øystein Nødtvedt


Øystein works day and night with broad experience from the specialist health service and specialization in mindfulness, ISTDP and existential themes.

Anniken Lervik Sørengen


Anniken is an experienced specialist in family psychology. She has a background in family welfare and BUP. Expertise in emotion-focused therapy (EFT).

Erlend Laurhammer


Erlend works day and nighttime with individual psychotherapy. He has extensive experience from Modum Bad and is specialized in ISTDP.

Veslemøy Merton


Psychologist specialist with long experience and several therapy specializations. She offers individual therapy and couple/family talks, guidance and teaching.

Anja Hallan-Wolff


Anja has broad experience from the specialist health service and as a municipal psychologist. She is bilingual, and offers therapy in Norwegian and English.

Mats Hunstad


Mats is a psychologist specialist, with expertise in therapeutic work with adults and the depth psychological method ISTDP.

Ida Holth


Many years of experience as a psychologist in private practice. She has specialization in intensive depth therapy (ISTDP).

Maria Eikeland


Maria has many years of experience from the specialist healthcare service, with expertise in emotion-focused therapy (EFT) and EMDR.

Julie Barrie

psychologist and couples therapist

Julie works with couples and individuals and has a background from the family protection office, DPS, the municipal health tests and has completed education in ISTDP.

Else-Sofie Årdalen


Else Sofie has broad experience from the specialist healthcare service. Continuing education in intensive depth therapy (ISTDP) and the trauma processing method EMDR

Kim Dahlby

Psychologist specialist

Kim has a specialization in ISTDP and has a unique commitment to both subjects and people. Kim usually reaches the roots of your difficulties.

Stine Morris Haslund


Stine has more than 20 years' experience as a psychologist and is a specialist in couple therapy. She is certified in emotion-focused couple therapy and is deputy director of the Norwegian Center for Emotion-Focused Therapy.

Regine N. Larsen


Offers therapy to individuals, couples and families, day and evening. She specializes in working with relationships and has further training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

Kristin Aspelund


Kristin specializes in couples and family therapy. She has further training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and ISTDP and accepts both couples and individuals.

Nora Nord Clearing


Nora is a warm, clear and wise therapist, with a number of therapeutic specializations. She has many years of experience and expertise in the treatment of most mental disorders.

Akiah Astral Ottesen


Akiah is a specialist in psychology and has further education in body-oriented therapy. She offers individual treatment, next-of-kin interviews and guidance.

Sindre Kvithyld Aasli


Sindre has many years of experience from the public and private health sector. He is a specialist in family psychology and a certified emotion-focused couples therapist. He offers couple therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. Sindre is an experienced course instructor and professional mediator, known for example from the NRK podcast Accident Investigation Board.

Pia Lunde


Pia offers couples therapy in the evening. She has experience from family care and from the specialist health service.

In order to become even better acquainted with our psychologists and to schedule an appointment, please use the button below.

You are free to choose to book a session with any member of our team that has available capacity. The wait time is short, and you don't need to make any special preparations.

Come as you are, and we will take it from there. You will quickly determine if this is right for you.

What can you expect from us?

You can expect that we are active, friendly, good-listeners, open, honest, direct, challenging, focused and skillful. 

All matters will be taken seriously and treated with a high degree of confidentiality and with a high degree of professionalism. We are focused on what is most important for you.

Please use this link if you want to learn more about the general set-up for therapy at Psykologvirke. therapy at Psykologvirke.

You can schedule a single session, intermittent sessions whenever you need, or set weekly, biweekly or triweekly sessions. It is completely up to you how often and for how long you wish to continue therapy. 

During the first session, together we will create a realistic picture of how therapy can help you and what will be needed to reach the positive goals that you have set.

Sometimes we can make a lot of progress in a few sessions, while other processes can take longer periods of time. Regardless, it is our clear goal to offer something of value to you from the very first session.

Our philosophy

Psykologvirke endeavors to support freedom and development of the individual, as well as healthy relationships between people. 

Our core belief is that all people deserve good health, freedom, joy, good connections with others and to develop to their potential both in the professional and private realms.

We are committed to contributing our entire selves and the best expertise to helping people on their way, regardless of where their starting point is.

We are driven by the certainty about the difference this work can make for individuals, families and other people that share the fabric of their lives.

Much of our therapy and human understanding is summarized in this longer piece concerning how we think that therapy can help.

Private psychologist Oslo city center - why Psykologvirke?

What sets us apart from most of the private market is years of specialization in an intensive form of depth therapy where we can work more actively and effectively with compound states, when tools and techniques are not enough.

Additionally, we work from mainstream psychological base assumptions and are well-versed in a variety of methods. We work continuously to further our levels of competence through, among other things, regular seminars and supervision.

If you schedule an appointment with us you are therefore guaranteed to immediately be dealing with specialized, up-to-date and experienced psychologists, male or female depending on your preference, in the middle of downtown Oslo.

If you have already decided to contact us, you can send a request for further information or book an appointment online here..

How can Psykologvirke contribute to you as your private practice psychologist?

Our psychologists can work with everything from life difficulties of shorter duration (for example various crises and dilemmas) to anxiety and depression as well as more long-term difficulties connected to self-esteem and relationships.

No challenge is too big or small. We have encountered the majority of themes and issues.

If you are uncertain if your difficulties are suited for therapy there is only one way to find out - something we can address openly in the first session.

We offer couples therapy for couples in all stages of life, with both single sessions and continued treatment.

We adapt our methods to the client. Our psychologists in downtown Oslo are familiar with, among other things, psychodynamic therapy, ISTDP, PACT, emotion focused psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, mindfulness and metacognitive therapy. 

We can also offer coaching/consultation in connection with various career and life choices, as well as educational and seminar services, mapping of work environments, conflict resolution, measures to reduce sick leave, career orientated therapy, employee assistance programs, and leadership development.

We have both male and female psychologists at our offices in downtown Oslo.

What are the benefits of choosing a private practice psychologist?

Psykologvirke, located in downtown Oslo, is a private practice psychologist office. This means you will not need a referral from a physician.

By using us as private psychologist you are guaranteed psychological help with a short waiting time, so you get started quickly before the problems develop.

Sometimes you can get a private psychologist on the day and you will come straight to an experienced, self-selected psychologist in central Oslo.

There are no specific limitations within the treatment boundaries. These are some of the clear advantages in comparison with public psychologists.

What are the disadvantages with a private practice psychologist?

The disadvantage in using a private practice psychologist is that you must cover the cost of treatment yourself, unless you or your employer have health insurance. The majority of standard health insurance programs cover 10 therapy sessions with a private psychologist.

Many employers have health insurance for their employees. In some cases, an employer can also cover the costs of therapy outside of health insurance plans.  

If you pay yourself the expense may be tax-deductible (see taxation law §6-83) You can click this link for further details concerning alternatives for both public and private psychologists in downtown Oslo. Public and private psychologist in Oslo

We wish you all the best with the important project you are embarking upon. We are more than willing to contribute.

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