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Therapy for young people at Psykologvirke

Therapy for youth

In this text, you will learn why and how we at Psykologvirke meet young people with small and large life challenges.

How to save the relationship - 9 questions

How to save the relationship? 9 questions to ask yourself

TEXT: KRISTIN HARALDSDÒTTIR ASPELUND, psychologist and couples therapist Do you ask yourself the question of how you can save the relationship? An important step is to involve your partner in the uncertainty you feel. Not infrequently, couples come to therapy, where one has gone with the other

Treatment of poor self-image and self-esteem by a psychologist in Oslo

I doubt myself. How to be free from the shackles of self-doubt.

Self-doubt affects and paralyzes us in ways we both see and do not see. Do you notice that you are a little stuck? That life has become a bit tame, or that you have more negative thoughts about yourself, some low self-esteem? Maybe harder to handle

illustration of life and health by Phil Krikland

Depth psychology to the people!

Mankind's small and big problems are largely created by our own psychology. That is why the dissemination of knowledge is so important. We are now increasing our lecture activities.

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