Online psychologist - book video therapy with an experienced specialist

With an online psychologist, you can easily and efficiently get the help you need. Online therapy works like any other psychologist class and has been proven to be just as effective. 

We offer therapy classes online through a secure video solution with experienced psychologists, no matter where you are.

Simple, confidential and just as effective. 

Benefits of an online psychologist

  • Saves time as you do not have to travel to an office 
  • Can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or wherever you wish 
  • As effective as traditional therapy 
  • Lowers the threshold for consulting a psychologist 
  • Quick access to a psychologist

Why choose online therapy?

In connection with the Korona pandemic, this has at times become the only option. Online psychologists have become the new norm, but not everyone who offers online therapy has the same amount of experience. Psychologist work has extensive experience with therapy and couples therapy, both online and face-to-face. 

Fortunately, online psychology is for most people a good alternative, and not only that: Online psychologist classes also have a number of benefits; for many, online psychologist classes can lower the threshold for seeking psychological help at all. Online, psychologists can be reached by anyone, no matter where you live. It can also be easier to get purely practical in a busy everyday life.

Online access to a psychologist can be especially advantageous for people with diminished mobility.

Quick access to good psychological help online helps prevent problems from escalating further.

Is online therapy effective?

Research has long shown that Psychological help online is just as effective as in person. Via screen, you really meet face to face.

Our staff of psychologists are highly qualified and experienced, with many years of continued education with a consistent focus on professional development.

We offer focused and quality care for individual and couples.

Now you have the opportunity to get full assistance from us, no matter where you are. You get started quickly via online booking and quickly find out if there is something for you.

The advantages of video therapy with an online psychologist seem to clearly outweigh the potential disadvantages. Regardless, this is a new reality that some people may need a little time to become accustomed to.

If you still are not ready to schedule an appointment,continue reading for more information.

How does it work?  

  1. You easily book an appointment via our online booking. Press the order button, select service psychologist and time.
  2. You will receive a confirmation of the session with a link. A few minutes before the session you log in with your name and telephone number. Your psychologist will receive a message that you are waiting and will begin the session at the scheduled time.
  3. On your end, you should pick a location that has a stable internet connection and where you will be undisturbed.
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Is online therapy secure?

Our online psychologists utilize a well-established and proven video solution that is specifically designed for health care workers, with end-to-end encryption and in accordance with established personal privacy policies.

You can read more about the solution at . The solution is widespread and proven and you are guaranteed full confidentiality. The system is end-to-end encrypted and satisfies the requirements of the GDPR.

Online or face-to-face psychologist - what should you choose?

Online therapy might not be for everyone. For some it may feel unsafe and strange. Others may be unfamiliar with and unused to using technology.

For others it can be helpful to meet a psychologist face-to-face first. Once a connection is established it can be easier to proceed with video therapy. Some people may still get the most out of therapy with in-person sessions.

Many people think that it might feel too distanced and that video consultations are not suited for more emotionally charged contexts. Our experience is that this generally is not the case.

Genuine contact, empathic intonation and close emotional encounters definitely also happen through the web. Research shows that video therapy also works well with so-called emotion-focused therapies and intensive depth therapy (ISTDP).

Online psychologist classes also invite you to be able to regulate the degree of closeness through how close you are to the screen and camera, which in some cases can be very relevant.

Why choose Psykologvirke

Psychologists work make up a small group of highly dedicated professionals. Several of us are psychologist specialists and all have long work experience and further education.

You can expect us to be focused, active, good-listeners, supportive, challenging and professional. We are here to aid you with everything we can.

Fokuset vårt ligger på  det som er viktig for deg til enhver tid og vi hjelper til med å etablere og opprettholde et konstruktivt fokus gjennom terapiforløpet. Vi graver ikke i fortiden for gravingens skyld, men forsøker også å unngå ren skraping på overflaten og lettvinte råd.

We want to give you something of value to your everyday life in every session.

How much does it cost?

A single hour with Psykologvirke costs 1420 kroner during the day and 1620 kroner in the evening. As online therapy has proven as effective as traditional therapy, the price of an hour online is the same as face-to-face. 

See all our prices here. 

Online psychological help is here to stay - also for couples therapy

Nothing is equally suitable for everyone. At the same time, we see that the skepticism that both clients and psychologists can have about online psychology activities evaporates when you actually try it out. Online psychologist works well.

The time to uninhibitedly apply this technology has definitely arrived.

Online psychologist classes now give us the opportunity to continue the course of therapy you might otherwise have paused, and help new people who need assistance.

If you choose online therapy with Psykologvirke we guarantee simple, secure and focused therapy where we bring our entire selves and the best of psychological expertise.

You are more than welcome at our offices!


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