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What can you expect?

You can expect us to be friendly, active, supportive, challenging and skillful. We offer therapy sessions for common life difficulties, or in-depth therapy for more complex difficulties.

We help many with limited benefits from previous therapy with our unique degree of specialization. We have specialists in most fields and only experienced psychologists in the staff.

What is it like to go to therapy?

In any case, we usually start by establishing a common understanding of what wishes/goals you have for the treatment. Next, we look at some specific situations where the difficulties are intensified. From there, we try to map the internal dynamics that underlie the difficulties - and the way out.

This kind of awareness and sorting means that you start to get a little more overview and understanding, which is helpful in itself. This mapping also gives us an outline of what is needed and how we can set up a therapy for you to get rid of the symptoms and achieve the positive goals you may have for your life.

We strive to tailor a way of working that makes sense and is perceived as helpful. Our professional assessments will form a clear starting point and then together we evaluate the need for any adjustments.

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Welcome to therapy at Psykologvirke

We at Psykologvirke offer therapy with experienced and recommended people psychologist in Oslo city centre, male and female, with short waiting times, day and evening. You can easily order psychological help from us in our online booking, without a referral.

We assist with everything from limited life difficulties such as various crises and dilemmas, to anxiety and depression, to more long-term difficulties related to self-esteem and relationships. We treat most mental disorders.

We use recommended methods such as various forms of cognitive therapy as well as psychodynamic therapy, with particular specialization in intensive depth therapy, ISTDP

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