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On this page you can gain an impression of what it is like to participate in therapy with Psykologvirke. 

You do not need to make any special preparations. Just come as you are and we will take it from there.

You can schedule an appointment online in two minutes.

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You can expect us to be friendly, active, supportive, challenging and skillful. 

We offer therapy sessions for life difficulties or depth therapy for more complex issues.

We help many with limited benefits from previous therapy with our unique degree of specialization. We have specialists in most fields and only experienced psychologists in the staff.

Most often we begin with establishing a common understanding of which hopes/goals you have for treatment. Then we look at some concrete situations in your life where difficulties are intensified.

After that we attempt to map the inner dynamic that forms the foundation for the difficulties – as well as the way out of them.

This sort of awareness and organizing enables you to start getting more of an overview and understanding, something that in itself is helpful. 

This mapping also gives us an understanding of what is needed and how we can build up your therapeutic model in order for you to decrease symptoms and achieve the positive goals you have for your life.

We strive to tailor a method of working together that gives meaning and is experienced as helpful. Our professional assessments will form a clear starting point and then we will evaluate, together, the need for eventual adjustments.

If you have already decided that you want us to be your psychological service providers, you can quickly and easily schedule an appointment here. 

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Therapy with Psykologvirke - safe boundaries and clear challenges

Therapy with a psychologist in Psykologvirke most often means that you have to challenge yourself and confront some of what you usually fear and avoid. That is why we place great emphasis on creating a safe framework around everything.

We emphasize being open and straightforward concerning what you think and do. We are also committed, at all times, to working in a manner and with a focus that gives the greatest possible value to you.

When you schedule an appointment with us you can also expect full confidentiality. We practice our duty of confidentiality in accordance with current regulations.

Welcome to therapy at Psykologvirke

Once you have the idea of seeking therapy with a psychologist, you already have a constructive process being initiated internally. If we can contribute to the work you are engaged in, we will gladly do it. We commit ourselves to contributing our entire selves and the best of our psychological expertise to helping people on their way.

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If you have already decided to give it a try you can schedule an appointment here. If you wish to read more concerning our therapeutic methods and our understanding of the human condition you can read our blog post, “How can therapy help?”?

We at Psykologvirke offer therapy to an experienced and recommended psychologist in central Oslo, male and female, with short waiting times, day and evening hours.

You can easily schedule psychological help with us via our online booking system, without a referral. Our psychologists can help you in working through everything from life difficulties of shorter duration (for example various crises and dilemmas) to anxiety and depression and more long-term difficulties connected to self-esteem and relationships.

We offer treatment for the majority of psychological conditions. We utilize recommended methods such as various forms of cognitive therapy as well as psychodynamic therapy, with particular specialization within intensive depth therapy (ISTDP).

You can read more about what you can expect from a psychologist treatment Norwegian Psychological Association their websites.

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