Anger Management - Treatment for Anger Issues with Psychologists in Oslo

We have specialized expertise in the treatment of anger management problems. Our psychologists have many years of experience and are not afraid of the darker aspects of human nature.

We offer video therapy to people across Norway as well as therapy in our offices in downtown Oslo.

If you want to quickly get started and find out if therapy is something for you, you can easily learn more about our psychologists and schedule an appointment online. It only takes two minutes.

What is involved in therapy with a psychologist for issues with anger?

When you seek psychological help for anger, it is often because the anger is too dominating and quickly triggered, something that is wearing on you and those around you.

Excessive anger is often a source of great guilt and threatens good relationships, with ourselves and others.

In therapy to treat anger with us, we begin by mapping the specific mechanisms that are the driving force behind your specific difficulties.

We separate between basic foundational factors, triggering factors and sustaining factors.

Once we have mapped these factors, we will know more about what is needed to give the best treatment for anger in precisely your case - and how we can best shape your course of therapy for anger management.

Simply becoming conscious of the inner dynamics that are driving your anger is often therapeutic in itself.

You can easily schedule psychological help for anger management via our online booking system. It takes just two minutes.

A quick way to start addressing anger management

You will be met by a professional male or female psychologist.

The waiting times are short so you can quickly get started, before anger manages to create even more pain for you and others.

Our psychologists have many years of experience and a high level of competence in methods involved in the treatment of anger. We will briefly summarize what you can expect when you contact us for anger management.

Firstly, a clarification: The vast majority of cases involving unwanted anger do not include issues related to violence.

If you are struggling with anger resulting in violence, we recommend that you go to the page for "Alternatives to Violence" (Alternativ til Vold) center. Unfortunately, we do not currently treat cases involving violence.

Therapy for anger/anger management with Psykologvirke - different angles

Throughout the course of treatment, we approach anger issues from several different angles.

One strategy we offer is techniques for self-regulation when you are triggered. Another strategy is help in identifying the true source of your underlying frustrations and anger.

Often you can overreact because you have previously underreacted - old feelings can be easily triggered and can seem disproportionate to the situation at hand. 

Help in managing vulnerable feelings that are being covered by anger is a third strategy.

Help in seeing that anger can come up as a projection (an assumption not rooted in the reality of the actual situation) regarding another person (for example that you have interpreted an evil intention) is a fourth.

How to succeed in treatment of anger issues ?

Other, relevant strategies can be to acknowledge anger at an earlier stage, to not allow it to build up until it overwhelms and turns into an outburst, but rather to provide a constructive outlet at an earlier point.

This work can also involve making sure that you find a better, overall balance in your emotional life as well as a shift in the overall demands in your daily life.

All of us have fuses that can become shorter when we are tired or stressed. If you have had challenges with anger management before, it is very important to take responsibility in managing your stress levels and balancing your daily stressors.

The determining factors for a successful treatment for anger are that we achieve a clear understanding of your unique inner dynamics and work together in a manner that is meaningful to you.

We have extensive experience and high expertise in a form of intensive in-depth therapy ISTDP, which is well suited to work with the deeper emotional conflicts that may underlie the challenges you are experiencing.

Our professional assessments will form a starting point, and then together we will evaluate the ongoing progress as well as any need for potential adjustments.

Treatment for anger with a psychologist - safety and challenges

We place great value on creating a foundation of trust and safety and of being open and forthright about what we are thinking and doing at any given moment.

Working within this kind of framework allows one to best open up to and find new ways to work with difficult feelings.

This starting point will also be one from which we challenge you.

Does therapy for anger management help?

Most people who seek professional help for anger issues experience it as helpful. We work with a combination of treatment methods that give the potential for symptom reduction as well as personal development.

Everyone deserves freedom, joy, love and good health. We are a dedicated team who bring the best of psychological expertise in our work with our clients.

If you wish to see the various alternatives that are available, both public and private, to schedule an appointment with a psychologist online, click here. This may be relevant if you cannot afford a private psychologist and can accept longer waiting times.

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