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Stress Test: Check your stress level here

We all encounter many factors that can be stressful in everyday life. It is important to take care of your stress level and avoid stressing too much. Here you can check your stress level and find out how stressed you are with our self-test. 

Online stress test

With this test you can test your stress level. The test consists of 10 questions about both your physical and mental health, as well as other habits in everyday life. 

The stress test is intended as an aid that can give you an indicator of how stressed you are, even if it is not directly scientifically based. Here you can read about stress management on your own, or professional therapy with a psychologist.

Take the test here:

Are you stressed?  

The test above gives you an indicator of how your stress level is, but there is no final decision on exactly how stressed you are, no matter how important it is to listen to your body and your well-being. 

Too much stress over a long period of time can lead to both physical and mental ailments, so if you feel stressed and show more symptoms of stress, it may be time to take some action to de-stress. 

Here you can read our psychologists' best advice on how to reduce stress. 

What is normal stress level? 

Most of us have some kind of stress in our daily lives, it can be both small and big things. A little stress once in a while is normal, and can even be positive if it can help motivate you. 

However, if you experience many symptoms of stress that negatively affect your life, your stress level may be too high. 

Do you have too high a stress level? 

The test above categorizes you into different categories or stress levels based on the answers you give. Here are four categories, where "very stressed" is the category you are placed in if you have many symptoms of stress. 

Too much stress can lead to physical symptoms such as muscle pain and headaches, but also other mental ailments. If you are bothered a lot by stress, it may be an idea to talk to a professional psychologist who can help reduce stress. 

Talk to one of our psychologists in Psykologvirke, here you can easily book an appointment online and get the help you need.