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What is cognitive therapy?

Cognitive therapy is the treatment method that is perhaps the best scientifically documented.

In cognitive therapy, you work purposefully and structured with the difficulties as you experience them today.

The conversations are characterized by active collaboration and problem solving. Between classes, you are happy to test new ways of thinking and acting, collect "data" and bring observations into the next class, and do homework between classes.

Cognitive therapy with a psychologist in Oslo - basics

Cognitive therapy has as its basic premise the way we think, affects how we feel and act in a given situation. And vice versa.

By consciously changing thoughts, we can reduce anxiety, depressive symptoms and create the basis for easier behavior change.

In cognitive behavioral therapy, one is also concerned that one can change the level of behavior to bring about a change in both emotions and thoughts.

Cognitive therapy - changing thoughts with psychological help

How to change thoughts in cognitive therapy? First, it is about becoming aware of often automatic unreflected patterns of interpretation.

Secondly, it is about challenging automatic negative assumptions and introducing more realistic, positive support thoughts.

The establishment of new mental habits can make a big difference.

Cognitive therapy with a psychologist in Oslo: Different variants

Over the years, various forms of cognitive therapy have been developed.

Today we often talk about a "third wave" in cognitive therapy, where the main strategy is to observe, accept and not get so involved in destructive thoughts.

In Metacognitive therapy, which is considered one of the "third wave" cognitive therapies, a meta-perspective is taken into account. One changes the mind about the mind.

This is less about changing the content of thoughts, more about changing the way you think about and relate to thoughts.

The same is the case for "acceptance and commitment therapy" or ACT.

In the latter method, one is also concerned with understanding the role of language and symbols, and committing to act in line with deeper rooted values in the face of different destructive thought patterns.

Cognitive therapy - something for me?

Whether cognitive therapy will be right for you is strictly just one way to find out. The method works very well for some, quite well for many and less well for some.

At Psykologvirke, we are concerned with tailoring to the individual. We like to combine methods in different phases of a therapy course, or integrate elements from different methods continuously.

The most important thing is that we always cooperate in a way that makes sense to you.

If a client has a specific method desire, we start at that end and together evaluate the need for any adjustments.

If you can not afford to pay for a private psychologist, you can read our overview of how recommended channels for psychologist in Oslo.

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