Therapy for Grief - Treatment for Grief with a Psychologist

Psykologvirke has specialized competence in the treatment of grief.

Our psychologists have many years of continued education and offer targeted therapy sessions that delve deep enough for you to experience lasting changes.

In this article you can read more about how therapy for grief with us works and learn more about some things you can do to help yourself. You can also quickly schedule assistance via video therapy or in-person sessions in our offices, located in downtown Oslo.

Treatment for grief with a psychologist

Grief reactions can vary greatly and are, in themselves, a normal reaction that human beings have an inherent capacity to handle.

When you consider seeking psychological help for the treatment of grief, it is often because you need help during an acute phase where the grief can seem overwhelming, or when the grief persists over time and is making it difficult to move forward.

In other cases, there can be difficulties with resolving latent grief. Or maybe you feel listless and the world seems surreal.

Grief therapy with our psychologists?

Often, a loss can stir up the organizing experiences within the psyche - something that also enables processing of current and earlier wounds and experiences.

The waiting time for starting grief therapy with us is short, so you can quickly get assistance in processing your grief. Our psychologists have a high level of expertise in the recommended approaches for the treatment of grief and complex grief reactions

Help with grief - mapping out the mechanisms

When you seek psychological help for grief with us, we begin by mapping out the underlying mechanisms of your grief, in order to achieve a more precise understanding of what the grief consists of and what conditions are making processing difficult.  

After doing this we will know more about what is needed to give the best treatment for grief in precisely your case.

Often, support sessions where one can sort through thoughts and feelings with the aid of an objective professional can be enough.

In other cases, there can be more specific mechanisms that are forming a block in your system.

This can involve unresolved emotional conflicts that are often completely or partially unconscious.

Treatment for grief - methods in grief therapy

There is no one method that is right for everyone all the time. The determining factor for the successful treatment of grief is that we work together in a manner that is meaningful for you.

Our expert assessments will form a starting point, and then together we will monitor progress and the need for any potential adjustments.

Contact us here to schedule an appointment. Online booking takes under two minutes and you may be able to start therapy within a few days.

If you do not have health insurance privately or via your employer and do not have the possibility of paying for a private psychologist, you can learn more about recommended psychological services in Oslo here

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