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Highly sensitive test: Are you a highly sensitive person?

Do you feel that you are a sensitive person who is easily overstimulated and reacts strongly to what is happening around your surroundings and the feelings of others? Then you may be a highly sensitive person. Take a test here to find out if you are highly sensitive. 

The test contains 23 questions based on questions from the highly sensitive test of Elaine Aron. For each question you will be asked to give a yes or no answer. 

The result is given based on your final score and gives you an indication of whether you are a highly sensitive person. 

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Is hypersensitivity a diagnosis?

High sensitivity is not a diagnosis, but rather a personality trait. The test thus also gives no diagnosis, but can be a helpful indicator of your personality type.   

A highly sensitive person typically has a number of unique characteristics. For example, they may be more aware of their surroundings and be more easily influenced by, among other things, other people's feelings. 

15 to 20 percent of the population are highly sensitive. There are many highly sensitive people who are not familiar with the very concept of highly sensitive. It can in itself be good to put into words what you feel and experience by being able to define yourself as highly sensitive. 

You can read more about whether the term highly sensitive is new to you what it means to be highly sensitive. 

I'm highly sensitive, what do I do now?  

Does the test above show that you can be a highly sensitive person? For many, it can be nice in itself to find a definition of what you feel and experience, and know that there are others like you. 

Being highly sensitive can be both fun and challenging. Highly sensitive people often have the ability to discover things others do not, and many are easily touched by different forms of art and different sensory impressions. 

At the same time, it can sometimes be challenging to be highly sensitive in a world where we constantly get so many different impressions through the outside world. If you find it challenging, talking to a psychologist can help. 

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