Emotion-focused couple therapy

Through emotion-focused couple therapy with us, you and your partner can get help to break destructive patterns and regain trust, communication and contact. Here you can read more about how.

Confusing feelings

People seek therapy when they are struggling emotionally - they are disturbed by having too much, too little or "wrong" emotions. Although we often don't want to admit it, it is largely emotions that guide our choices in life. In close relationships, it is our emotions that control the patterns we are caught in. In emotion-focused couple therapy (EFT) we work to understand and change these patterns In emotion-focused couple therapy (EFT) we work directly with and change what is running the show. Instead of advice and homework, in EFT you will get to know the emotional music and learn how your emotions can become a good guide in life, rather than something that gets in the way.

Break destructive patterns

When couples seek help, they are often stuck in well-rehearsed patterns. Often one of the parties leans forward more and more and frantically tries to talk about important things, while the other slips further and further away. The conversations are gradually characterized more and more by irritation, accusations, defenses, power struggles and silent withdrawal. There are strong emotions at play, and even if someone tries to follow advice from newspapers and magazines, it doesn't seem to help - because at the moment you would rather follow the good advice, you are in the power of your emotions. 

Navigate the storms

Despair, loneliness, fear, shame and other strong emotions become dominant when cohabitation becomes difficult and couples become confused and discouraged. In emotion-focused couple therapy, you get to know your patterns and the feelings that ignite during conflicts - so that you can stop the patterns and talk about what actually matters. In EFT, the goal is to find your way back to a relationship with a strong bond where you can use each other as a source of comfort and where it is safe to be open and close.


EFT couples therapy was developed in the 80s by psychologists Susan Johnson and Leslie Greenberg. Today, emotion-focused couple therapy is the couple therapy method with the best research basis. Research has been carried out both on how couples fare immediately after the treatment and over time. The method has very good results - 70-80% of the couples who took part in studies got significantly better after the end of treatment, and the results seem to last over time. Also as an individual therapy, EFT has good support in research. 

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