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About psychologist work

Psykologvirke offers psychological help for all issues from our premises in Oslo, as well as all over the country via video therapy. Our psychologists have extensive experience and help with everything from self-development to in-depth therapy for individuals, couples and companies.

Talk therapy with a psychologist

You do not need to make any preparations before you come to therapy with us. Our psychologists will meet you where you are. You can expect us to be friendly, active, supportive, challenging and skilled. We have specialists in most fields and our staff consists of a number of experienced psychologists - in the middle of Oslo.

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Female couple therapist

Department for couple and family therapy

We have a solid environment for couples therapy with international trainers, regular group guidance and broad experience. We offer couples therapy for couples in all phases of life and all types of cohabitation challenges. Get couples therapy in Oslo or via secure video solution all over the country.

The trauma center

At the Trauma Centre, we are building a competence center for trauma psychology. This includes patient treatment in line with the latest wave of effective and recognized methods, teaching and guidance by other healthcare professionals, as well as courses and conferences. One of our goals is to increase understanding of trauma and how it affects us, as well as how this can be treated both in the individual and in society.

Find your psychologist in Oslo

Everyone who works with us is part of a mature and up-to-date professional environment that drives continuous professional development and self-development.

This is how we offer the best of our professional knowledge and ourselves as whole people in the face of small and large challenges you may have. Get started quickly by choosing a psychologist below, or press the "book an appointment" button in the top menu.

Jonas is a psychologist specialist and therapy supervisor at Psykologvirke. He has long and broad clinical experience and works with most clinical issues, where he uses methodology from ISTDP (intensive dynamic short-term therapy), psychodynamic therapy, exposure therapy and EMDR (trauma therapy).
Anders works during the day and specializes in therapeutic work with adults, and the depth psychological treatment methods ISTDP and IFS.
Psychologist specialist with long experience and several therapy specializations. She offers individual therapy and couple/family talks, guidance and teaching.
Mats is a psychologist specialist, with expertise in therapeutic work with adults and the depth psychological method ISTDP.
Akiah is a specialist in clinical psychology with special expertise in the treatment of reactions after trauma. She has extensive experience in therapy for both young people and adults.
Anja has broad experience from the specialist health service and as a municipal psychologist. She is bilingual, and offers therapy in Norwegian and English.
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Private psychologist in Oslo

Psykologvirke offers psychological help for all issues. From self-development to in-depth therapy for individuals, couples and companies. We offer the services from great offices in central Oslo or via secure video solution all over the country. With us, you can get a psychologist class without a referral. 


We are located in venerable premises in the center of Oslo, right next to the Storting. Easy access via metro, tram or train stations at Oslo S and the National Theater. Here you will be met by our psychologists in a soulful environment.

Psychologist Oslo?

A very common Google search is psychologist Oslo. The vast majority of people need or can benefit from psychological help during their lives. We know what it's like and have heard most of it before. We welcome you with open arms, no matter what the problem is. In addition to being solid professionals, we are also a group of stable, wise and pleasant people. 

We focus on what is important to you and take an active part in the collaboration to solve your challenges. Come as you are. The rest we find out together. 

 In the video below, our psychologist, Ivar Goksøyr, introduces you to Psykologvirke and gives you some clue as to what it is like to go to a psychologist with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good psychologist will help you understand what is happening to you and why. Such sorting in the chaos is in itself helpful. A good psychologist also helps you regain security and confidence in yourself - and other people. The best psychologists are those who understand where you are, can read you on different levels, and who naturally help you to take the next step in your particular development. Our psychologists will never judge you. They understand that a judge is simply not understood. Therefore, we try to understand, discover who you are, what forces oppose you, and help you live out your natural design.
It's nice to be able to talk to an outsider. One who does not judge. Which you do not have to protect and pay attention to. A place where you can talk freely. Where you can be - without being alone. It's also nice to talk to someone who actually has a clue about psychology. Which not only comes with well-meaning, but a little superficial encouragement and advice. Being actually seen and understood in the deeper layers - and few tools and ways of thinking that help - is a great and rare gift for many of us. A psychologist can be an important partner out of acute crises. One that can help you sort when you are overwhelmed. All the psychologists at Psyologvirke have been out one winter night before. We have also helped countless others over time. We know a little about how it is. And we are sure that no textbooks in psychology need to be rewritten after you have been here.
It is common to be unsure whether one really should or needs to go to a psychologist. Of course, there is no definitive answer to this. When you yourself feel for it, or are curious about it perhaps? With us, no problems are too big and no one too small. Come as you are, and we'll take it from there. If you are very unsure whether it is right for you to go to a psychologist now, this is something we can discuss openly in the first hour, only. If you're afraid that the psychologist will judge you, that your problems will not be important enough, that you will not waste anyone's time or that you do not want to bother anyone - then there are surefire signs that you should take a trip 🙂
Our prices vary based on the type of class you are looking for. A single lesson costs NOK 1,580 during the day and NOK 1,800 in the evening (after 3:30 p.m.). The price of a full treatment with a psychologist depends on both the hourly price and the total length of treatment. Few clinics have as much focus as we do on continuous professional development and we are trained to work as efficiently as possible. At the same time, we give time to the processes that will take time. An analysis of the top five hits on organic searches for a psychologist in Oslo shows an average price for a single appointment during the day of NOK 1,474. If you want an appointment with a psychologist in the evening or at the weekend, you must expect the price to rise by a couple of hundred NOK. Most also offer double lessons which are cheaper, in terms of cost per hour at least. Psychologists who offer intensive short-term psychodynamic therapy (ISTDP) often also offer block hours (3 clock hours). This is an offer that is particularly suitable if you have a long journey or want to get started faster. The total cost of course depends on how many hours you need. This is very individual and something you can ask your psychologist to consider during the very first meetings.
You can easily book an appointment via the website. You can choose between filling out a contact form and being assigned a psychologist, or reading about the various psychologists and choosing for yourself. Online appointment booking is done in a few quick minutes. You are also welcome at any time to send us an email with inquiries on
Whether to choose a public or private psychologist is a question of mainly three things: how long you can afford to wait, how much you are able to pay and whether you will be granted a public offer at all. A public psychologist is considerably cheaper, but has a longer waiting time, stricter admission criteria and several framework restrictions. With a private psychologist, you get started quickly before the problems develop further, and you are much freer in terms of treatment frequency and length. With a private psychologist, you do not need a referral from a doctor either.
At Psykologvirke, no referral is required. You can book an appointment directly via our online appointment or fill out the contact form. The downside is that you have to pay for it yourself. In return, you get started quickly and you go straight to an experienced specialist. If you can not afford to pay yourself, nor do you have health insurance, you can contact your GP and ask for an assessment by a public psychologist. He will then be able to write a reference.