Couples therapy prices

More information about various conditions and frequently asked questions is answered below. Here is a simple overview of prices for private psychologists with us (valid from 01.01.24).

ServicePrice dayPrice evening (after 15.30)
Individual therapy 45 min.1650,-1900,-
Individual therapy 60 min.2250,-2500,-
Individual therapy 75 min.2750,-3150,-
Couple therapy 75 min.3000,-3350,-
Couple therapy 90 min.3450,-4050,-
Parterapi 120 min.4650,-5450,-

Insurance customers + 15%
Price increase in line with the CPI at the turn of the year


  • Evening price applies to hours started at 15.30 or later.
  • Appointments must be canceled/changed at least 48 hours before the beginning of the session. Cancellations or changes after this will be billed in their entirety regardless of the reason. This includes conditions for which the client cannot be blamed himself, including illness. This is common practice among private psychologists and one of the disadvantages of private psychologist services. If you are unable to attend due to illness, you will be offered to complete the lesson via video. To protect our other clients and our psychologists from infection, it is not possible to meet physically in class if you are ill.
  • Cancellations or rescheduling can be done via the net with the link in the confirmation email you were sent when you scheduled an appointment. It is not possible to make any changes yourself after the 48-hour limit. In that case please send an email to your therapist and inform them that you will be unable to attend the session.
  • Payment by card immediately after the hour. Vipps can exceptionally be accepted. An invoice can exceptionally be accepted for a fee of NOK 100. Invoice fees will also be added if you do not show up on time.
  • If your payment is covered by an insurance company or your employer, the easiest way to receive compensation is to pay for the treatment yourself and submit the receipt with your insurance company/employer for reimbursement. If you have submitted a guarantee from your insurance company/employer we can send the invoice directly to them.
  • Reports etc. can be written for 650 NOK per each half-hour (day)/750 NOK per each half- hour (evening).
  • Block hours are only offered for intensive depth therapy (ISTDP) for those who are traveling from outside of Oslo.
  • Contact between sessions is limited to scheduling new appointments. You can contact your therapist directly via email.
  • For emergency situations between sessions please contact the emergency services in your district or the emergency room.
  • Payment and the time it takes to set up a new session are included in the set time for each hour.
  • We look forward to clear cooperation regarding practical matters so we can work together in the best possible way to aid the work you are engaged in.


The total cost that complete treatment will require is of course not dependent on just an hourly rate, but total treatment length. 

Many people inquire about how many sessions it will require to find out what the entirety of treatment will cost. It is not possible to accurately determine that before we have met. 

We strive to do our work as effectively as possible - right at the edge of your tolerance threshold. We are specialists in intensive forms of psychotherapy. 

As a rule of thumb, a treatment course with us seldom costs more than a new sofa.🙂 


The research and experiences of both Psychlogvirke and our clients indicate that video therapy is an equivalent form of treatment for most people. It fits better for some than others. 

Our expenses for video therapy are about the same so we therefore charge the same price for psychologist sessions via video as in person. 


After we have met a few times it is easier for us to do a rough estimate of the total cost. How long the treatment period lasts is dependent on both the starting point and the quality of cooperation we manage to establish. 

It can often be useful to work intensively together in the beginning and then have a lot more spacing in between sessions after a while. This way the cost can be spread out as therapy progresses. 

We want to be flexible and find a plan that fits not only your therapeutic needs, but your financial ones as well.

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