Psychologist online - simple info and ordering therapy

Therapy with a private psychologist online all over Norway from Psykologvirke in Oslo. Easy booking, regular price, good results, psychological advice.
Psykologvirke now offers all its services via video. Simple, confidential and efficient.

Online psychologist has become the new standard in health care. Psykologvirke has specialist expertise and now offers all services via video.

It is simple, confidential and just as effective according to research. Our personal experience is that the quality of the contact and the therapeutic work is fully up to date.

Here you can read more about the form of therapy and specifically how we at Psykologvirke offer an online psychologist to the whole of Norway from our office and our homes in Oslo.

For most both therapists and clients, this is still a bit foreign. Is it sufficiently simple, safe and effective?

Psychologist online - easy booking

Getting psychological help online from us is very easy. You book an appointment via our online booking where you choose the psychologist and time.

Before the class you will receive a link. When you click on the link, you log in with bankid. Then the therapy conversation begins.

We offer focused therapy conversations online, which means that you quickly find out if we are the right psychologist for you.

We have a consistent focus on professional development and offer quality therapy for both individuals and couples. Our psychologists have several years of further education and we have specialists in most fields.

If you have already decided to give it a try, you can use the button below. You will then be able to choose service, psychologist and time.

Proven solution for therapy online

Our online psychologists use the program Confrere, an end-to-end encrypted solution for online therapy that is widespread in healthcare.

The solution is in line with all applicable privacy policies. Only you and the psychologist have access to the virtual room you meet in and data is not stored.

If you choose a psychologist online, our solution ensures full confidentiality.

Can online psychotherapy be just as effective?

Research has long shown that online therapy is as effective as meeting face to face. At least at the group level.

For some, it will bring clear benefits. The threshold for seeking help is lowered, the availability of help increases and time is saved.

For others, still traditional attendance will be the best. Either one fails to become familiar with and have confidence in the technology, or because something is lost without being physically in the same room.

Strictly speaking, there is only one way to find out how video therapy will work for you.

Price for online psychologist

The prices for video consultations are identical to regular consultations. This reflects research showing similar effect.

Some providers even charge clients something extra for the fee associated with the use of software.

For some, time is money and then the time savings will make the calculation profitable, compared to traditional therapy.

Online therapy, psychological counseling and couples therapy

Psykologvirke offers psychologist services for all issues. Psychological guidance and therapy conversations for normal life difficulties, transition phases and crises. Couple therapy online for couples in all phases of life. And methodical treatment of mental disorders and long-term and complex problems with self-esteem and relationships.

Chat, tips, phone and psychological tests and other help online

Currently we only offer video therapy. If desired, we can also offer telephone therapy. Since there is poorer research evidence for this form of therapy, telephone therapy can only be regarded as a transitional solution.

We do not offer other online solutions such as online chat with a psychologist or psychological tests online. IN our blog You will find a number of tips for self-help on various topics.

Psychologist work in Oslo - all of Norway's private psychologist online

It goes without saying that online therapy with a psychologist can be offered from anywhere. Psykologvirke offers its specialist expertise to reach out to residents throughout Norway and to our fellow citizens abroad as well.

In particular, we want to keep the caves going now during the pandemic that is upon us. When a lot of other work stops, the inner work can continue undisturbed.

We wish you all the best in the good project you have going on. If we can be of help, we present ourselves as whole people and the best of professional knowledge.

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We treat the information confidentially. Read more this spring privacy statement here.