Psychologist via video: Secure conversations with video consultation

Psychologist via video has become the new normal. Video consultation can feel foreign, it is just as safe and for most people as effective as at a regular meeting.

Here's everything you need to know before giving it a try. If you have already decided, you can easily order video consultation here.

Is psychologist via video just as effective?

Research has long shown that therapy in psychologist via video is just as effective as in person.

Such research is based on results at the group level. For some it may work better, for some worse but on average it seems to be just as good.

That's good news.

Whether conversations with a psychologist over video will be something for you, there is strictly speaking only one way to find out. The probability is high.

Is video consultation safe?

In the same way as when you meet physically, the Health Personnel Act's rules on confidentiality will govern the actual video conversation and the processing of information that emerges during the conversation. 

We use a video solution that offers secure video calls with end-to-end encryption.

The video solution is used by a number of Norwegian health institutions, and meets the requirements in Norm for information security and privacy in the health and care sector.

The solution is GDPR approved and satisfies all Norwegian government requirements.

In practice, this means that no one can see / access what is happening inside the conversation - it is only between you and the psychologist.

This is what clients say about online conversations

Rationally speaking, video calling is just as secure and also seems to be just as effective for most people. There is therefore every reason to give it a try.

Still, it can feels more insecure and one can assume that it is less effective. Many are skeptical in advance. The general feedback from clients is:

  • This really went beyond all expectations.
  • I'm amazed at how quickly we were back in exactly the same thing
  • We can continue with this for posterity as well

The technical solution is simple and stable. We ourselves experience that we can mainly be just as helpful via video consultation.

But nothing is for everyone. In a few cases, we have chosen to postpone further consultations after trying video. That's obviously quite fair.

Some will still need or simply prefer personal attendance, and rather wait until this again becomes an opportunity.

But this is the exception that confirms the rule.

Are video calls with a psychologist recommended?

The Norwegian Directorate of Health has imposed strict restrictions on physical visits to the psychologist during the pandemic.

Both Norwegian Psychological Association and the Directorate for e-Health recommends the use of video consultations.

On helsenorge you can read more pages and log in to see which GPs have managed to offer video calls.

Psychologist via video: It's that simple.

You book easily through our online booking.

A few minutes before the agreed time, click on the link that you have been sent and select the therapist you have an appointment with.

Log in with name and phone number. When you are logged in, a message is sent to the psychologist you are going to talk to, who then appears on your screen at the agreed time.

No software download required. Payment is currently made through VIPPS at the end of the class. Quite simply.

Who can video consulting be suitable for? 

With e-therapy / video consultations you can meet one of our psychologists via video regardless of where in the country you are and when it suits you. It is a form of treatment that makes it easier for patients who for various reasons do not have the desire or opportunity to meet at the psychologist's office to receive therapy.

  • People in quarantine or otherwise are slightly ill
  • Those who have a long journey to the psychologist's office
  • Those who can not be away from work for long
  • Those who actually prefer this format
  • Those who have physical limitations
  • Have a job that involves a lot of travel abroad
  • Working or studying abroad
  • Those who want to combine attendance and video consultation

There is a growing interest in online psychologist services. Research not only shows that the effect is just as good. User satisfaction is also as high as with more traditional forms of therapy.

Who do we offer video consultations for? 

  • Individual therapy for adults
  • Couple and cohabitation therapy
  • Parental guidance 
  • Employees in companies 

Psychologist interviews via video - practical tips

  • Remember to be in a room where you can talk undisturbed
  • Make sure you have a reasonably stable internet connection. Wired network is most stable but is not a must.
  • You need a working webcam and microphone on your laptop / mobile.
  • Feel free to use headsets or earphones, both for sound quality, sound shielding and privacy.
  • Good lighting is an advantage. Also try to have the camera aimed so that your face and upper body are visible straight from the front. 
  • You can log on to this at any time and check that the technical works here
  • The link to the conversation is
  • Feel free to connect a few minutes before our video agreement and you will be "picked up" at the agreed time. 

Experienced psychologists via secure video - no matter where you are

If you want to give therapy via video a try, we at Psykologvirke are happy to contribute. Our psychologists have many years of further education and we can offer specialist expertise in most fields.

Our psychologists offer focused conversations via video consultation. We have helped over 1700 clients over the last few years and are happy to welcome you as the next one.

We present ourselves as whole people and the best of professional knowledge.

Fill in the form and we will answer you shortly.

We treat the information confidentially. Read more this spring privacy statement here.