Lecture with a psychologist who opens the mind, heart and laughter door

Lecture with a psychologist who opens the mind, heart and laughter door

Are you looking for a psychologist as a lecturer? Psykologvirke offers lectures that inform, entertain, bind together and lift the congregation.

We take the audience on a journey in new ways of thinking and emotional landscapes. Our speakers have enthusiasm and commitment, but share first and foremost their insight into human nature.

We have a number of professional front figures in the staff, who run national and international course activities and regular professional dissemination via radio, television, newspaper columns and podcasts.

We offer lectures in mental health, motivation, positive psychology, creativity, leadership, job satisfaction, psychedelics, nature, sustainability, intoxication, relationships, personality, trauma and much more.

We also offer pure professional courses and professional days for health personnel in most special areas. We are based in Oslo but offer speakers all over the country.

«What a communication ability! I have seldom or never experienced so much knowledge and wisdom conveyed so well! We have received many emails from employees afterwards, who were all very happy! ”

Anne Berthelsen, Sørlandet Hospital after a lecture on the psychedelic renaissance in academia

Lectures that capture - about psychology

It is a lot of joy in recognition and liberating to be able to laugh at oneself. At the same time, it is inspiring to be taken to the extremes of human potential.

The lectures of our psychologists will always reflect the wishes of the client and the congregation's everyday life, with their challenges and needs. With our psychologists as lecturers, we will always provide both professional replenishment, inspiration and entertainment, but the emphasis may be different.

We offer everything from professionally heavy professional lectures in connection with courses, conferences, teaching and subject days, to lectures that are far looser in the snippet.

Our psychologists offer, for example, lectures in connection with social events and job parties such as Christmas dinners and summer parties or weekends, professional lunches, kick-offs and strategy gatherings.

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Psychologist and lecturer

A good psychologist helps the individual to stand in a true connection to himself. This is how you can also connect with others. And the magic of a spontaneously unfolding human exchange can arise.

We offer lectures with psychologists who offer just about themselves, as well as their subject. Who speaks a language that resonates with the audience. Which unites and connects the audience through a shared experience.

Our speakers are psychologists with humanity and contact with their own emotions. Psychologists who through the lecture bring a little color into everyday life, which makes it easier to understand complex things. And that makes the topic relevant to your life and your everyday life.

Basic motivation as speakers

In a modern world, we all end up in roles and tracks. We give a welcome reminder that life can be even bigger. Lectures from our psychologists will give a hint that everything is possible and nothing may be exactly as you think.

We thus want to contribute to a lift a little closer to who we can be - at most.

Send request for lecture via post@psykologvirke.no. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Psychologist and lecturer Ivar Goksøyr, Jonas Sharma-Bakkevig and other staff at Psykologvirke offer a complete list of lecture topics:

Motivation, mental health, relationships, work environment, creativity, nature sustainability, job satisfaction, stress, mental disorders, communication, leadership, motivation, intoxication, culture, sustainability, ptsd, mental violence, mental disorders, psychedelics, change, personality types, personality disorders, psychopathy , mdma-assisted therapy, psychology, alcohol, alcoholism, joy, demarcation, loneliness ethics, health, creativity, life, joy of life, play, life grief, life mastery, drugs, eating disorders, grief, sleep, shame, spirituality, sexual abuse, trauma, positive psychology, well-being.