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Problematic mother daughter relationship illustration

Therapy / psychotherapy / talk therapy: How can it help?

Are you considering therapy? Here we describe the main lines of our understanding of how mental illness develops and how talk therapy helps. We describe mechanisms at different levels that contribute, and how we work in therapy to change the established patterns. This will give you a better understanding of the processes

Blog about shame and guilt from a psychologist in Oslo - Psykologvirke

Shame and Guilt - Caught in the Maelstrom of the Times

Expectations of what a life and a human being should be have exploded. Under this pressure, the individual's self-esteem implodes and the path to chronic guilt and shame can be short. Bad conscience for food, exercise, work, absence, family, friends, partner and children? How could it have been so too

Chronic guilt for no reason, for all or nothing. Illustrated by microscope image of tears

12 Tips for Chronic Guilt for No Reason

Are you plagued by a bad conscience for no reason, for all or nothing - chronic and constant? As previously posted, a bad conscience, or guilt, is basically a healthy feeling that can be used to help us get closer to being who we are.

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