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Are you considering ISTDP therapy? Psykologvirke offers ISTDP therapy that can be carried out in Oslo, or from anywhere online. On this page we will briefly introduce the method and how we can help you.  

What is ISTDP?

Intensive dynamic short-term treatment (ISTDP) is a form of therapy that focuses on helping you to restore a natural, free and compassionate contact with ourselves and others. This can be an effective treatment for, among other things, anxiety, depression and self-esteem difficulties. 

ISTDP stands for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, or Intensive Dynamic Short-Term Treatment, and is an intensive form of depth therapy.

When good cooperation is created within the framework of ISTDP therapy this method has the potential to promote substantial changes in a short period of time.

Many people who have several, often long-term treatment attempts behind them, experience dramatically greater benefits from ISTDP. The form of therapy is basically about restoring a natural, free and compassionate contact with ourselves and others.

If you want to go more in depth to learn about ISTDP you can read a practical introduction to anyone who wants to understand the method here. 

How can ISTDP help?

ISTDP is a well-scientifically documented form of therapy that has proven effective for a number of difficulties. Also so-called «treatment-resistant» conditions and «Psychosomatic» conditions. These are conditions where physical symptoms, such as irritable bowel, pain such as headaches, fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal disorders, etc. are believed to be greatly affected by psychological conditions.

The method is also effective against anxiety, depression and self-esteem difficulties and relationship problems. Perhaps especially when several of these are combined.

What is at the core of ISTDP therapy?

ISTDP offers focused, intensive and profound processes that work with resolving the causes and symptoms of problems.

While Freud was not particularly concerned with this therapeutic technique, ISTDP has been developed by psychoanalytic psychologists who were looking for more effective ways of working.

Through countless hours of microanalyses of therapy videos, a system of intervention algorithms has been developed, in which the client's responses to a set of parameters at any given time determine the therapist's next intervention.

Both the ISTDP therapist and the client are active participants. You get help to quickly become aware of everything that happens, not least under the consciousness radar, in the here and now situation with the therapist and in situations where your problems arise.

You and the therapist are actively working together to replace old, often unconscious ways of facing the world. You will also receive coping strategies to step more authentically into the relationship with the ISTDP therapist.

Who is ISTDP suitable for?  

Self-determination is absolutely central to our work with ISTDP. We strive to think aloud together and give clear assessments when we seem to see something clear. But you are always free to choose what you want to focus on and we take things at exactly the pace you prefer.

The treatment is suitable for those who are willing to really put in the effort required to become as free as one can in this world.

ISTDP therapists

The ISTDP therapist will be active and invite you to enter into the relationship with yourself, the therapist and others in increasingly healthier ways. 

We work as systematically as we can through the layers of learned protection, distancing and self-attack that may stand in the way.

An ISTDP therapy can be an intense and demanding process, but also deeply liberating. We find your thresholds so that we can work at the very top of what you can stand. This makes the therapy as safe and effective as possible.

Our job as ISTDP therapists is to make yourself clear to yourself. This also means showing the options you are facing and the consequences of these.

It is also our job to reach out to you, take responsibility for our half of the relationship and give you the necessary structure so you can really step into who you are.

Psychologist Jonas Sharma-Bakkevig at Psykologvirke
Jonas Sharma-Bakkevig

Jonas Sharma-Bakkevig

Sharma-Bakkevig has several years of experience in the treatment of various mental disorders. He is also a supervisor for psychologists and psychiatrists who are learning ISTDP and are supervisors at Norwegian Institute for ISTDP

Ivar Goksøyr

Ivar Goksøyr

Goksøyr is one of the most experienced ISTDP therapists in Norway. He has practiced the method intensively for eight years.

He has completed a three-year ISTDP therapist education where he has received close training and guidance from international leaders such as Allan Abbass, Jon Fredrickson and Patricia Coughlin.

Ivar Goksøyr has studied learning therapy with Josette ten Have de-Labije. He has treated several hundred patients with ISTDP and gradually built up a solid competence in applying the method to a wide range of issues. 

He regularly participates in international conferences and in-depth seminars.

Psychologist Hilde Goksøyr Psychologist
Hilde Goksøyr

Hilde Goksøyr

Goksøyr has completed a three-year education in ISTDP under the leadership of Patricia Coughlin, one of the foremost exponents of the method internationally.

She is currently taking so-called advanced training. She already specializes in traditional psychodynamic therapy from the Department of Psychotherapy.

Hilde is characterized by the seamless integration of accumulated competence from different professional traditions with her natural human understanding. She regularly attends international conferences and specialization seminars. 

Psychologist Christian Skeie Psykologvirke ISTDP
Christian A. Skeie
Psychologist Anders Gambstøbakk Psychological work
Anders Gamstøbakk
Psychologist Erlend Laurhammer Psychological work
Erlend Laurhammer

Christian Skeie, Anders Gamstøbakk and Erlend Laurhammer

Skeie, Gamstøbakk and Laurhammer have taken a three-year further education in ISTDP, which among other things means that they have received and regularly receive training and video guidance from national and international experts. They spend a lot of time analyzing the therapy process in detail. 

You are guaranteed a solid follow-up from these therapists. Through our booking You can also choose which psychologist you want to have an appointment with. 

Why choose Psykologvirke?

Psykologvirke has a strong professional environment for ISTDP in central Oslo. Our psychologists are highly specialized ISTDP therapists. We have regular video tutorials with international and national experts. Psykologvirke also offers guidance for psychologists specializing in ISTDP. 

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