Course in trauma-sensitive yoga

Home to the body

Traumatic events can leave traces in our bodies such as tension, numbness, stomach problems, headaches, sleep problems or diffuse pain. We can feel afraid of the world and of other people, that we are not safe in our bodies and that we are fighting against the voices in our heads. Even if we survived the pain we have been through, it is as if the body is still stuck in the past.

Trauma-sensitive yoga is an evidence-based method where, through slow movements, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation, we work therapeutically with the physical and psychological manifestations of trauma. The goal is to feel more secure again - in the body, in the mind, with other people and in the world.

This course will last over six weeks and will only have room for eight participants. In the classes, we will train on regulating our nervous system, on self-care and setting boundaries, on being present in ourselves, and on carefully turning our attention inward so that we strengthen our ability to process the pain we have experienced.

The course is led by Anja Hallan-Wolff, one of our psychologists at the Trauma Centre. She is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, in addition to having specialized in trauma treatment through methods such as EMDR and Narrative Exposure Therapy. You can read more about trauma-sensitive yoga here.

Course information and registration

Six course hours + 45 minutes individual preliminary interview

The course is held over 6 consecutive weeks: start 06.02.23

Time: Mondays 16.30-18.00

Location: Øvre Slottsgate 7

Price for the course: NOK 4,500

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