Schedule an Appointment with a Psychologist - Simple Online Booking

The health authorities in Norway are allowing psychologists to resume in-person sessions with clients. We have implemented thorough infection prevention procedures in line with government recommendations to make it as safe as possible to come in person.

Uncertain if you should book a video session with a psychologist instead?

Luckily, research shows that therapy sessions done via video are just as effective. We use a simple and completely secure system. In our experience this is a great alternative for some people.

Please note: If you have symptoms of illness or are in quarantine, video therapy is obviously the only alternative. We encourage everyone to give video sessions a try, whether as a first-time or long-term client.

If you are in doubt if video sessions are something for you, we have created a short presentation where we share our experiences. You can view this below. You can also just schedule a regular, in-person appointment.

A video where we share our experiences with video therapy.

Note: If you desire therapy via video you can indicate this at the end of the booking process.