Hold me tight (c) cohabitation course

hold me tight (c) cohabitation course.

This cohabitation course is based on Sue Johnson's best-selling book "Hold me!". The book will be distributed as part of the course material.

The cohabitation course has been developed as an offer for couples who have a functioning relationship but want to strengthen their bond and vaccinate the relationship against later difficulties.

The course runs over a weekend - two days filled with knowledge and enriching experiences that can make your relationship stronger. 

Cohabitation courses can be an investment that can yield a large return.

What do you learn on the cohabitation course?

You and your partner will learn more about what makes your life together flow, what makes you fall into bad patterns that create distance and how you can break out of them. 

The course alternates between teaching in the group, together with other couples, and exercises that you and your partner do in private. If necessary, you can get support from a course facilitator while you do exercises.

Concrete learning points in this cohabitation course

You will learn… connection and love are connected and make relationships so enriching and at times so difficult. identify negative interaction patterns that create distance between you find your tender spots - the vulnerabilities that you push away in each other when you are caught in a vicious circle

…to stop your vicious cycle so that it is no longer the boss of your life together and you can become a team again

…to go back to times you have hurt each other and find ways to talk about it that allows the wound to heal have conversations where you can rediscover closeness, contact and acceptance with each other and strengthen your relationship. 

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