Lecture on psychedelics

Below is a list of the lectures we offer on psychedelics. The lectures can be adapted as desired and combined for professional days or the like.

1) Professional update for healthcare personnel

Standard induction seminar for healthcare professionals required to be up-to-date in the field, answer knowledge-based when the patient asks, understand the main problems and important clinical processes:

MDMA-assisted therapy: History, rationale, research status and presentation of video-based case material (2-3 hours)

Classic psychedelics: History, rationale, risk, research status and current issues (2-3 hours)

The lectures can be combined within a time frame of at least 4 hours, but are recommended as separate half-day seminars or part of a full academic day, for even more time for depth and dialogue.

2) Deeper, narrower and looser in the neck

In-depth lectures after the introductory seminar, or individual lectures in more informal settings. The lectures provide clinically relevant knowledge, but several also have a more intellectual and entertaining feel. Duration 45-90 minutes.

Opening the Heart and Expanding Consciousness: What Can We Learn from MDMA and Psychedelics? 

What do we learn about the human mind from witnessing the processes by which closed hearts are opened and narrowed minds are expanded? How can this knowledge inform ordinary clinical practice and how can it help us understand ourselves?

MDMA-assisted therapy in trauma treatment:

Theory, rationale, methodology, experiences and video material: How does MDMA-assisted therapy relate to existing trauma treatment methods? Can MDMA catalyze the healing processes that are concerned with different treatment traditions?

Historical Uses of Psychedelic Plants and Mushrooms: 

Ritual Use of Psychedelic Plants as Sacrament and Medicine: From Mesoamerica to Ancient Greece: Our Cultural Circle as Historical Anomaly? While cultures around the world, through different times, have found a place for psychedelics, we have banned it all.

Lines of development for classic psychedelics in Western psychiatry:

From psychosis-like, to neuroplastic and immunoprotective substances. From Transcendental Climax Experiences to Psycholytic Therapy - Tools for Slow Personality Integration. From a psychodynamic framework of understanding to integration with third wave cognitive behavioral therapies.

The history of psychedelic therapy in Norway and the Nordic countries

From the brothers Schelderup and Gordon Johnson at Modum Bad, to re- and re-traumatization in the LSD basement at Fredriksbergs hospital, Denmark. From treatment optimism to changing political winds and

Psychedelics and Creative Problem Solving:

How and why psychedelics have become Silicon Valley's new brain medicine. From early research via Steve Jobs to Nobel laureates: Can psychedelics-induced temporary increases in neurodiversity have evolutionary significance? Or is this capitalism devouring psychedelics' deeper potential?

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Psychedelics and sustainability: From egoism to “eco-ism"?

Psychedelics are known to restore our connection to nature. The Extinction rebellion movement sprung from a psychedelic experience. Is it naive to think that psychedelics can contribute to a greener world?

Psychedelics, consciousness and spirituality: Science meets the sacred

Discussions of non-ordinary states of consciousness induced by psychedelics: From William James and Abraham Maslow, via modern neuroscience to academic-theological discussions and Eastern wisdom traditions. Traditional cultures exalt altered states of consciousness, we see them as intoxications. Theologians are unable to distinguish mystical experiences induced by psychedelics from naturally occurring spiritual revelations. What should we think about these conditions?

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