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relax with good advice for coping with stress

Stress management: 10 tips to stress less

Do you feel stressed? Too much stress can negatively affect both life and health, so it is important to find a healthy way to cope with stress and learn to reduce stress. Here is our psychologists' best advice on how to reduce stress. What

Couple therapy for infidelity is offered by a psychologist in Oslo

Couples Therapy - Repairing

What do you do after discovering infidelity? How to process what has happened and move on? What reactions are common and what can one expect from couples therapy after infidelity? BY PSYCHOLOGIST PIA C. AURSAND Infidelity is a common reason why couples

Istdp therapy in central Oslo with a private psychologist - psychologist work -

ISTDP therapy: A practical introduction for anyone who wants to understand the method

Here is the article we received from the Norwegian Psychological Association as our specialist thesis. The article is primarily intended for professionals who want to learn the art of mastering ISTDP. But it can also be relevant to the interested client. In this article, we provide a thorough practical account of the method's psychodiagnostic and

Various Remedies for Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are a national nuisance. Why do we squeeze so much of the grinder and how seriously should one take a thought? Negative thoughts as part of our symbolizing ability The human race excels as the one that is best able to cooperate. Language, or ability to form symbols,

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