EMDR treatment at Psykologvirke
EMDR treatment at Psykologvirke

What is EMDR?

EMDR stands for "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing". This is a psychotherapeutic approach, designed to treat ailments and symptoms associated with the experience of traumatic events. See video.

Here is one list over symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress.

How does EMDR work?

Overall, EMDR is based on an information processing model. In short, this means that one assumes that part of the therapeutic effects is about the formation of adaptive associations between information networks in the brain. So called reprocessing.

Disturbances in the brain's memory network are thus central to the understanding of psychological ailments and symptoms.  

Furthermore, EMDR builds on elements from other forms of treatment, such as cognitive therapy and relaxation exercises.

Here can read in more detail about the basis of the treatment method.

What is bilateral stimulation?

At the core of treatment with EMDR, is that you actively use sequences of bilateral stimulation: such as flashing lights, sounds or touch - while focusing on the difficult experience that underlies the symptoms you want help with.

The bilateral stimulation helps to obtain information from the brain in such a way that natural processes for processing and integration are activated.

A typical treatment session with EMDR takes between 60-90 minutes.

The treatment follows an established protocol, which therapist and client together adapt to the individual's specific needs. You can get to know the content of the protocol itself better here.

What can one expect from a successful EMDR treatment?

Specifically for treatment with EMDR, one aims to reduce the degree of affective complaints, reformulate negative thoughts and assumptions about oneself, as well as reduce physiological activation linked to the memories of the difficult experience or experiences.

The aim is that it should gradually be possible to deal with these memories or triggers in everyday life, without being overwhelmed.

This will often be associated with fewer symptoms and a less extensive need for avoidance - which in turn helps to increase function and life expression.

How long does trauma treatment using EMDR take?  

It is difficult to predict how long an EMDR treatment will be. Some may experience a relief in symptoms after just 1-6 times, while for others it takes longer.

Alternatively, EMDR may only be one of the methods that your therapist will use, as part of a longer, more eclectic course of therapy.

Good trauma treatment

Furthermore, good trauma treatment generally means that the therapist and the client agree together on what goals they have for the treatment itself and how to try to achieve these goals.

Furthermore, it is important that there is security in the relationship and the environment where the treatment is to be carried out.

Is EMDR used exclusively in trauma treatment?

EMDR is also used to help people deal with anxiety disorders, depression, persistent grief and reactions to physical illness. Conditions associated with strong emotions and activation.

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