English speaking psychologist in Oslo – therapy in English

Psykologvirke offers psychotherapy in English by experienced licensed clinical psychologists.

Are you looking for an English speaking therapist in Norway?

Are you an Expat in Norway? Is English your first language? Are you more comfortable speaking English than Norwegian? Our English-speaking therapists offer scientifically tested forms of psychotherapy both day- and nighttime.

There is no waiting list, so you will get an appointment quickly. You dont need to be referred by your doctor, just come as you are and we will take it from there.

We have both male and female psychologist available after your own choosing.

English speaking psychologist – online booking

If you would like to make an appointment, try our online booking.

Its quick and easy, it takes only about two minutes. You will get a confirmation email with directions to our office downtown Oslo close to the Parliament.

If its hard to navigate to booking-page, you are welcome to email us at post@psykologvirke.no

Therapy in English

We have worked with loads of english-speaking clients, are getting regular supervision by English-speaking international experts, and english is also our academic first-language.

You can learn more about us by navigating our webpage. Unfortunately, this is the only page with information in English. Except this one, where you can read more about how we do therapy in English.

You can easily make an online booking, or send us an email at post@psykologvirke.no.

If you can’t afford seeing a private psychologist, and you dont have health-insurance, please see this guide to psychologist in Oslo.

We look forward to seeing you.

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