English-speaking psychologist in Oslo – Therapy in English

We offer therapy with experienced licensed clinical psychologist in Oslo, in the middle of the city center. Located right by the parliament, our beautiful office is easily reached by foot from the National theatre, the Royal Castle, Aker brygge, the Central station and the Opera. We have no waiting list and can offer sessions quickly and easily through our online booking.

Therapy in English for individuals and couples therapy / marriage counselling

We assist our clients with everything from temporary life problems such as different crises, dilemmas and periods of transition, to anxiety and depression and more long-term difficulties related to self-esteem and relationships. We treat most mental disorders and also provide couples-therapy / marriage counselling in English.

We are members of the Norwegian Association for Psychologists and provide evidence-based treatments. We commit ourselves to deliberate practice, regular attendance at international conferences and active collaboration with leading experts in the field.

Using online booking, your appointment will be confirmed immediately. You don´t need a referral or to make any special preparations. Just come as you are, and we’ll take it from there.

If you have already decided to give it a try you can make quick and easy online booking here. All our therapists provide therapy in English, and we have one therapist with English as her mother tongue.

What to expect – if you choose us as your English-speaking psychologist in Oslo

We usually begin by establishing a common understanding of what wishes / goals you have for the treatment. Secondly, we look at some specific situations in which your difficulties are intensified or symptoms experienced. From there we try to map the inner dynamics that underlie your problems.

This work usually makes you more aware of whats going on, which in itself is helpful. It also gives us an outline of how we can work together to get rid of the symptoms and reach the positive goals you may have for your life.

We strive to tailor a way of working that makes sense and is experienced as helpful to you. Our professional assessments will form a starting point and then we will make adjustments as we go along. We work in an active, collaborative way.

Therapy in English by psychologist near you: Challenge and exposure

If you are considering seeing a psychologist in Oslo, chances are you´re on some level experiencing anxiety or discomfort, and subsequent avoidance of certain stimuli, internal or external. This dynamic can be both conscious and unconscious.

Therapy almost always inevitably involves challenging this anxiety-driven avoidance and confronting whatever is beneath. This might be seeing a spider or giving a presentation, but also coming close to certain feelings or needs. Often, this anxiety, together with the different kind of avoidance strategies, create your presenting problems.

We place great emphasis on creating a safe common ground. From there, it is possible to be direct and provide not only strong support, but also a considerable degree of challenge if needed. We aim at working at your highest capacity so the therapy is as efficient as possible. Sometimes we go really slowly and carefully if that is what you need or wish.

We emphasize being open and straightforward about what we think and do at all times. You can of course also expect full confidentiality. We work in accordance with current regulations.

Welcome to our English-speaking psychologists in Oslo – we offer sessions quickly, without a waiting list.

When you consider seeing a psychologist, you already have a constructive process going on inside. We would be happy to contribute – wholeheartedly and with the best of professional knowledge.

We do this work to because all human beings deserve good health, freedom, growth and love in their lives. By alleviating suffering and helping people reconnect to their core, we help foster healthier individuals, relationships, families and eventually communities.

There is no waiting list, so just go ahead to our online booking.

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